How to Embed a Map Gallery in a Web Page

You’ve put together a gallery of your authoritative maps and now you want to share it. Of course you can feature the gallery on your ArcGIS Online home page, but you can also embed it in your organization’s website, blog, or other web page. That gives you the flexibility to feature your content anywhere you like. It’s easy to do with ArcGIS Online, because content that appears in a gallery is driven by the group that contains all the gallery items.

  1. Go to the group, click Edit, and check the Status section to make sure your group is public. If it is not public, contact the group owner.
    Status for group
  2. On the main page for the group, click Share.
    Share group
    embed in website
  4. Choose a layout for the group items.
    choose options
  5. Choose how to display the group items.
  6. Select and copy the HTML code that’s provided.
  7. Paste the code into your web page where you want the group content to appear.

*To do this, your ArcGIS Online site must be set to allow members to share items outside the organization. Your ArcGIS Online administrator can confirm the setting for your ArcGIS Online site.

Stay tuned for more ArcGIS Online tips and tricks.


The ArcGIS Online Team

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