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  1. countygis says:

    Haven’t been able to install FMV toolbox as indicated in documentation. Ran .exe but no toolbox is visible to ArcCatalog. Setting the path during the .exe does create a bin folder with dll files.

    • bbooth says:

      After you run the .exe installer for the geoprocessing tools, the toolbox is added to the system tools list and you can get them from the Add Tool dialog box. To add them to your own toolbox:
      1. In the ArcCatalog window, navigate to the Toolboxes folder. [or wherever you want the toolbox]
      2. Right-click My Toolboxes, point to New, and click Toolbox.
      3. Type a name for the new toolbox, such as “Full Motion Video” and press Enter.
      4. Right-click the new toolbox and point to Add and click Tool.
      5. In the Add Tool dialog box, check the Full Motion Video Tools toolbox, and click OK.

      Please give this a try and let me know if it doesn’t work for you.

  2. adcole_inspectools says:

    I don’t have any issues adding the plug-in, but the ‘Add Archived Video’ dialog box doesn’t see the sample videos. I’m running 10.2.2. Is there any problem off the top of your head with regards to compatibility and/or service packs?

    • bbooth says:

      This issue is probably caused by the videos not being a data type recognized by ArcCatalog.  In order for the Add-in to see video files, their extensions must be added via ArcCatalog.  Any video extension that isn’t added via ArcCatalog won’t be recognized by the browse dialog box. To solve this problem, start ArcCatalog. In ArcCatalog, click the Customize menu and click ArcCatalog Options. Click the File Types tab, then click the New Type button. Add the file type (type the file extension and description in the dialog box).
      Do this for all of the following types:
      PS, MPEG-2 Program Stream
      TS, MPEG-2 Transport Stream
      MPG, MPEG File
      MPEG, MPEG File
      MP2, MPEG-2 File
      MPG2, MPEG-2 File
      MPEG2, MPEG-2 File
      MP4, MPEG-4 File
      MPG4, MPEG-4 File
      MPEG4, MPEG-4 File
      H264, H.264 Video File
      VOB, ESD File
      MT2S, MT2S

  3. waqar82_geo says:

    I would like to know from where i can get this MISB enable camera, or how we can search such type of camera on google.
    Is there any web link for MISB enabled camera.

  4. tomduncan says:

    I successfully installed the plug-in, but when I open ArcMap receive a message that the plug-in is not licensed. I have been unable to find any information about licensing.

    • amuleh says:

      tomduncan, The quickest and easiest way to get the FMV software is to call the Esri Internal Sales Line at 800-447-9778 (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. PT Monday – Friday). When you call just ask to purchase a Full Motion Video license. They will process your order, give you an authorization number to activate the FMV software, and finally a link to MyEsri with a token allowing download. If you have any trouble along the way they are always there to help.

  5. bitspatial says:

    I’m wondering if it is possible to control the FMV Add-In programmatically – preferably via C#. Does anyone know if that is possible?
    I would like to be able to programmatically add a video to the map and begin playing at a specific point in time.


  6. brom_uk says:

    I have the ArcGIS Full Motion Video Add-In 1.1 installed on 10.1 desktop. I however cant seem to get it to read the video file from the Phantom 3 pro. Can you confirm if this drone is compatible with this tool?

    • amuleh says:

      brom_uk, the videos from a Phantom 3 Pro are compatible with Esri Full Motion Video (FMV), but the metadata is not. DJI, like most companies, collects their metadata in a proprietary way. In order to both see and analyze your video and metadata within Esri FMV, you need to multiplex or combine them into a single file. Unfortunately, version 1.1 does not have a tool for this. FMV version 1.3, which is supported at ArcGIS Desktop 10.3.x, has a new GP Tool called the Video Multiplexer, which can combine your metadata and video files into a single MISB (http://www.gwg.nga.mil/misb/) compliant video. This new MISB compliant video is fully supported by the FMV toolset. We will also be releasing a new 1.3.1 version of the FMV toolset in April with smoother playback and the ability to customize bitrate. Please see esri.com/fmv for more information. Also check esri.com/fmv often as will be posting data and tutorials on this topic.

      • amuleh says:

        brom_UK, please try searching for “phantom 3 flight log file”. Look for one of the free Flight Data Log Viewers and/or Converters. To use Esri FMV you will need to convert your Phantom’s .DAT files into a .csv format. Once your metadata is converted to csv, you can use the new Video Multiplexer to combine the metadata with your video into a single file. This single video file will then be fully MISB compliant and ready for use within Esri FMV.

  7. browlinson says:

    Is there a way to manually georeference video? I have video of sewer inspections for pipes and want to work with them in this extension, but they don’t have any metadata.

    • amuleh says:

      Metadata is the key. Without metadata we don’t know your platform position, heading, or frame center data. Without these pieces of information it’s impossible for us to find the positions of your features relative to your video. If you do start collecting metadata with your videos make sure to collect information about the following fields. UNIX Time Stamp, Platform Heading, Platform Pitch, Platform Roll, Sensor Latitude, Sensor Longitude, Sensor Altitude, Horizontal FOV, Sensor Relative Azimuth, Sensor Relative Elevation, Sensor Relative Roll
      Sample metadata: 1433430000000000,320,0,0,39.919767,-105.117297,1690,65,0,-25,0

  8. golderglobalgis says:

    I cant seem to download the template, keeps indicating a permission error. We have the software, the tools and the license, not sure whats going on. Currently waiting for esri to get me an answer. Does someone have the template downloaded that they can share?

  9. aperugo2 says:

    No logro Multiplexar un video de una cámara GoPro Hero5.
    tengo los datos que los obtuve desde la cámara y arme el archivo CSV. Alguien que lo realizó???