Announcing the ArcGIS Pro beta program

Esri is pleased to announce the beta release of ArcGIS Pro, which is a new ArcGIS for Desktop application that provides many exciting features. ArcGIS Pro is designed for GIS professionals who need to visualize, edit, and perform analysis—in both 2D and 3D. All current ArcGIS for Desktop customers are invited to download ArcGIS Pro and participate in its beta program.

Your work in ArcGIS Pro is organized into projects, which bring together all the resources you need to complete your GIS tasks. You can store as many maps and layouts as you need in the same project, and you can open multiple maps at once and view them side by side. You can package your projects to collaborate with others, or share your work as web maps and web layers. ArcGIS Pro can use local data, as well as content from your ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS organization.ArcGIS Pro project

ArcGIS Pro is a 64-bit, multi-threaded application with a modern user experience that runs on the Windows platform. The ribbon interface of ArcGIS Pro makes it easy to find the commands you need. Get started with ArcGIS Pro by working through the help system tutorials, or just jump in by creating a new project and adding data to it. You can also import your existing ArcGIS for Desktop documents into your project.

To download ArcGIS Pro, visit, and sign in with your ArcGIS Online organizational account. Remember that all ArcGIS for Desktop customers on maintenance are entitled to an ArcGIS Online Organization Plan, so it’s time to register for it if you haven’t yet done so. You can install ArcGIS Pro alongside any release of ArcGIS for Desktop.

From the ArcGIS Pro home page, you can also access the product help system, view introductory videos, and engage with the forums. We want to know what you think of ArcGIS Pro. You can contact Esri Technical Support or your local distributor, if outside the United States, as well as post your feedback to the ArcGIS Pro user forums. Be sure to follow this blog and the @ArcGISPro Twitter account for announcement updates.

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  1. Rob Elkins says:

    We want and need you to be a part of the ArcGIS Pro beta program. Here’s a little more on the requirements for beta You need to be a Desktop customer that is current on maintenance and have an ArcGIS Online account. Remember that all you Desktop customers were given ArcGIS Online accounts last year. Now’s the time to take advantage of that Online account as it’s required for ArcGIS Pro beta.

  2. dougbrowning says:

    It installed fine but when I try to run it I get the splash screen for a second then it crashes. Anyone get it to work? I have a brand new build of windows 7.


    • Rhonda Glennon says:

      Doug – could you contact Esri support or post to the beta forums so we can figure out what’s going on with your system? We need to take a closer look at this to diagnose it.

  3. thowze says:

    I have installed the beta pro and I am beginning to try to get things to work. There seems to be quite a steep learning curve even though I’ve been a number of the ESRI pull the rug out from you redos since ArcInfo Workstation. I hope, like getting dumped, it gets easier with time.

  4. bgow says:

    I downloaded the ArcGIS Pro Beta version and it is working. I can see a definite learning curve getting used to the new program but I don’t think it will be too steep. I have a newer computer with windows 7, a very large hard drive, 453 GB of disk space, 4 GB of RAM memory with dual processors and the program runs slow, much slower than I like. I’ll check back in after I get more acquainted with the new program.

  5. mschonlau says:

    Downloaded and installed it. Launched a new project. Added some layers from local SDE. Ran fine for the most part. Seems a lot like ArcGIS Desktop meets the old ArcGIS Explorer Desktop, but with a ribbon-interface. Will this eventually replace the Desktop we know today? What is ESRI’s goal with this product? I’m not clear on why I would use this versus ArcMap right now, except for integrated 3D I guess. I’m interested to hear more about their strategy here.

  6. amarsden says:

    “You can store as many maps and layouts as you need in the same project,”

    So just like ArcView 3.x then – even calling them Projects again, Ah progress :-)

  7. amycollins says:

    Hi–when will the beta forum be available? I’m using Beta 2 but don’t see a link for ArcGIS Pro on my beta community page. Thanks.

    • Rhonda Glennon says:

      Hi Amy – make sure you log in through and follow the links to the forums (right side of the pro-app home page). Starting with beta 2, the pro-app page can redirect you to betacommunity using your ArcGIS Online account. We’ll make sure this info gets better communicated to those who were part of the early adopter program.

  8. mrbgroup says:

    Does this new software have the ability to print a map layout or multiple layouts at once? All I see is the option to export one layout at a time to a PDF.

    • jbarrette says:

      The controls in the ribbon allows you to export one layout at a time but you could use Python map automation (arcpy.mapping) to script exporting multiple layouts. A sample script would be:

      project = arcpy.mapping.ArcGISProject(“current”) #this code runs from within Python window in an open application.
      for layout in project.listLayouts():
      layout.exportToPDF(r”C:\folder\\” + + “.pdf”

  9. tskolev says:

    Anybody knows how to add a legend in the layout?

    • Rhonda Glennon says:

      Expect more to come with legends in beta 4, which should be available prior to the User Conference. Follow this help topic for more on what’s new: Note: to access the web help, you must log in with your ArcGIS Online organizational account and agree to join the beta program.

  10. says:

    I am wondering if we can directly open and work with mxd files in this pro version?
    Need more comprehensive help system for ArcGIS Pro! FAQ should be maintained for basic questions.

    • Rhonda Glennon says:

      You can import mxds into a project (aprx), but cannot use them directly, nor export to mxd. You can work with some layers in both applications, though. See this FAQ for more info:

      There are beta forums available where you can post questions about the application. Log in at and click the Forums button on the right side of the page. There is also a help system forum where you can add your specific feedback about how to improve the documentation. Note that the pro-app web site does have a FAQ about the beta program, as well as a web-based version of the help system that is installed with the product.

  11. rhavel says:

    I can’t find the “Find” tool in order to do quick keyword searches on a feature class/layer in ArcGIS Pro Beta 4. Any suggestions?

    • Rhonda Glennon says:

      This functionality isn’t yet available and isn’t currently planned for the initial release. We will update the release notes document on the pro-app site to indicate this.

  12. jwhisenant says:

    Very excited to open ArcGIS Pro for the first time. Unfortunately, it froze after about loading a parcel layer with about 20,000 polygons. I reported the error and will try again.

    • Rhonda Glennon says:

      When you find software issues, please contact Esri Technical Support or post a question on the beta forums so an analyst can help with your specific problem. We want to find and fix issues during the beta period. Log in through and follow the links to support and the forums on the right side of the pro-app home page. Thanks!

  13. rfairhur24 says:

    I have been to the Support page for the ArcGIS Pro Beta program and the Forums link just takes me to the Discussions Lobby of GeoNet. There is no clear place in GeoNet to put my comments about the ArcGIS Pro Beta program that I can see. Where should feedback and questions be posted on GeoNet?

    • Rhonda Glennon says:

      This is strange. The forums link on this page should go to the betacommunity site. Note that you must start on the pro-app page with your ArcGIS Online login and get redirected from there to betacommunity — you can’t go straight to betacommunity in a browser. There could be an unofficial space on GeoNet, but the developers follow the forum posts on betacommunity. Can you confirm you are starting from

    • rfairhur24 says:

      I did not see Rhonda’s last reply while I was writing my own post. Going to the Forums link on the website worked.

  14. dyun says:

    ArcGIS Pro beta seems to work fine for about 5 minutes, but then it crashes. all I did was view one shapefile stored in my local drive and panned about little bit. I thought I was missing some Windows update that was needed by ArcGIS Pro. I updated all required Windows update as of today. ArcGIS pro still crashes. Is this something to do C++ runtime error?

    If this is not the right place post this question, let me know where to post ArcGIS Pro related feedback.

    • Rhonda Glennon says:

      Anytime you see a software crash, be sure to submit the error report — this goes for Pro, Desktop, Server, and any other product that can generate automatic reports. These are reviewed automatically and added to our bug tracking system. To solve your specific issue, please contact technical support or use the beta forums (how to access them is described above) so an analyst can work with you and we can get this fixed.

  15. blong911 says:

    ArcGIS Pro Beta 4
    Zoom should include the option to zoom in to an area defined by holding down the left click as it does in ArcMap.

  16. edwardyac says:

    Can ArcGIS Pro use ArcGIS Online Network analyst service and Global geocode service?, what do I need to do?
    Can ArcGIS Pro connect to ArcGIS Server Services (Map services or feature services)?

  17. sharifalhussein says:

    Can one publish map services from within ArcGIS Pro?

    • Rhonda Glennon says:

      You can share (publish) web maps and web layers from Pro. Review the Pro help (under Help > Share your work) to get details on this.

      • mahenderraj says:

        I too stuck with the same question and was checking under the help section and there is not even a single mention about the ArcGIS server.

        I presume that it is not possible to share the map as a mapservice to ArcGIS server from ArcGIS Pro. For that we have to use the regular ArcMap Desktop product.

  18. okie65 says:

    Cant get the ArcGis Pro beta 4 to label PLSS data correctly. When you tell it to label it wont let you change what name of the survey you want to change it to.

  19. aquee says:

    Can you outline which version of Python will be supported/required at release for geoprocessing scripting?

    • bruce_harold says:

      Pro will use Python 3.4. The only IDE that will ship with the product will be IDLE, which is built into the Python distribution. You will be able to specify your favorite IDE for the Python editor in Pro.

  20. mndnrgis1 says:

    I have users as part of our AGOL organizational account. I enable ESRI access in AGOL. I can configure licenses for my users and have authorized them to use Pro Advanced. When you go to My ESRI to download Pro, you get a red error box saying “There is a problem with your request.” Unfortunately, you do not have access to this page. You can request access under Request Permissions for your organization.

    These are users within my AGOL organization, yet, when you look under the profiles, they indicate the users are not part of any organization, even with my account, and I am the administrator of the organziational account. Very frustrating!

  21. sshenberger says:

    Good Morning.

    Does ArcGIS Pro support edits in a geometric network?

    Thank You

    • Rob Elkins says:

      ArcGIS Pro 1.0 does not support editing geometric networks. That will come in a future release so for now, ArcMap used be used to manage geometric networks.