Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS update!

On Friday April 18th, we updated the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS app that is hosted within ArcGIS Online. We are busy working on updating the Portal for ArcGIS configuration utility as well so please look for this update inside of the Customer Care site later this week.

Also included in this update is a key new feature in the Windows app that will soon ripple through all of our foundation apps (Dashboard in the browser, Collector and the new Explorer for ArcGIS app). With the 10.2.3 release you can now search for features within layers of your web map as well as search for addresses. In fact you can disable the search for addresses if you would like. To add this capability to apps, edit the details of your web map and scroll down to the Application Settings section and add layers to the Find Locations property. Within Operations Dashboard you can configure Find to also search for coordinate locations.

For a list of new features in this update and a sneak peek into what we are building next, please visit our doc page.

Apps Team

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  1. bhiller says:

    Nice update! Any idea when the update for the Collector is due out to support searching for features?

  2. oshell says:

    Can Add-ins built with Runtime SDK for WPF 10.2.2 be used with the 10.2.3 release of Ops Dashboard? Note that Runtime SDK for WPF 10.2.3 has not yet been released.

  3. gerardo38 says:

    I installed the Dashboard but when I login it stops…Windows 8.1 has found an error…close the program.

    Any suggestions to fix this installation?


  4. calinf says:

    I was wondering if it’s possible to close Operations Dashboard for editing?
    For example we want to provide our customers with a solution that has the operations dashboard on touch screens (surface) as a presentation of the area where tourists will be able to ‘play’ with the widgets BUT not to be able to edit it.
    Does anyone know? :)