Be an Early Adopter

With the release of the March 2014 ArcGIS Online update, a new group of templates has been added. The Early Adopter Templates group contains new beta templates to show off your maps.

Each of the templates in this group can be used within your organization after walking through a few steps. Once completed, you’ll be able to publish your map into an awesome configurable app using one of these new templates.

To get started, you’ll need the administrator of the organization to set the folder that will be used for templates. As the administrator, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Group within your ArcGIS organization to store the templates you’d like to expose to users.

    Creating a group

  2. View the early adopter templates from your organization. Search for “Early Adopter Templates” in groups and then uncheck the option to search only in your organization.

    Searching for the Early Adopter Templates group

    Searching outside of the organization

  3. Share an early adopter template from the Early Adopter Templates group into your organization’s templates group to allow users within your organization to publish apps based on the templates added. In this example, we’re adding the Impact Summary template.

    Sharing the template into your group

  4. Go to My Organization > Edit Settings > Map > Web App Templates, choose your group from the drop down.

    Configuring your organization

  5. If you would like to include all of the Esri templates as well as your custom templates, check “Share the Esri default web application templates to this group.

    Including Esri templates

  6. Click Save.
  7. Go to the map viewer and share as a web application using the newly added template.

    Publishing an Early Adopter template

This will provide your users with the option to create applications from any of the Esri default web app templates and the early adopter templates from within the map viewer.

Getting Help
If you need help, found a bug or have a suggestion, then start a GeoNet discussion/question, contact Support or create an issue on the template’s GitHub repository.

With your help, we can make these Early Adopter templates better for the next release. We look forward to hearing your feedback!

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  1. nomeus says:

    Wow! Great new Template! I tested it in my own AGOL Subscription and it worked perfectly! I’m looking forward to see it in the ‘standard’ template gallery.

  2. tgigoag says:

    If an early adopter template gets updated (and we have already “subscribed” to the older version using the steps above) do these updates get automatically pushed to the template we are seeing in the “Share-Make Web Application” screen? Or does our ArcGIS Online for Orgs Administrator have to redo all the steps describe above in order to get the newest version?
    If the former, then taking it a step further, if we have already published our own web template using an early adopter template, do updates to the template get pushed to our published version or do we have to republish?

    • Matt Driscoll says:

      Hi tgigoag,
      The Early adopter and Esri standard templates get updated automatically at each release. Any existing applications that have been published using these templates will automatically use the latest code. However, if there are new features or options added to the template that you have published, the application may need to be reconfigured to turn on or edit those features but a new one does not need to be created.

      If you’ve set a custom templates group on your organization and new templates have been added to the Esri templates group, to get the new Esri templates into your custom group, an organization admin will need to recheck the checkbox that says “Share the Esri default web application templates to this group when you click Save”. That will get you the latest Esri templates into your custom group.

      Does that make sense?

  3. florian@hs_owl says:

    Cant get it to show the configure button …