10.2.3 release of ArcGIS Runtime SDKs

Today we’re happy to announce the release of the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS, OS X, and Android v10.2.3.

We’ve mentioned the new features for this release in a previous post, including Geodatabase Feature Service Table, which lets you simplify and reuse application code where you need to use both online and offline data.

The rest of the ArcGIS Runtime SDKs will be released very soon and will also include the Geodatabase Feature Service Table.

We encourage you to read the nice, detailed blog post from Dan O’Neil today, who’s on the Android team. His post gives lots of good details about the new features.

Keep an eye on this developer blog for the announcements of the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java, WPF, and Qt release. In the meantime, provide us feedback, using the forums, for the iOS, OS X and Android.

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET will have another beta update as well very soon on the beta community.


  • Ability to pause/resume long running jobs
  • Improved auto pan behavior
  • Support for generic web tiles
  • Color adjustment to map images
  • Better support for synchronizing large volumes of data
  • Ability to batch local edits
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