Get ready for the next release of the ArcGIS Runtime SDKs!

The next release of ArcGIS Runtime SDKs is coming soon! It brings performance improvements you’ve come to expect but also the ability to write applications that can work both online and offline using a single API.

We’re introducing the new Geodatabase Feature Service Table for connecting to online ArcGIS Feature Services. This new pattern lets you simplify and reuse application code where you need to use both online and offline data. It also allows you to more robustly support connected applications that work with ArcGIS Feature Services, but that sometimes experience occasionally connected environments.

Currently to consume services hosted online you likely use the ArcGIS Feature Layer, for disconnected data you use the Geodatabase Feature Table. The Geodatabase Feature Service Table extends the Geodatabase Feature Table and therefore inherits the same API. You write the majority of your code once and the API handles the rest!

Here’s the API in action. The following Objective-C code, uses the Geodatabse Feature Service Table to display data in a map. Users can edit their data locally using the Geodatabase Feature Table API and then apply edits to the server when appropriate.

3 lines of code in is all you need to add a Geodatabase Feature Service Table into a map.

// The table becomes the datasource for the layer
featureServiceTable = [[AGSGDBFeatureServiceTable alloc] initWithServiceURL:serviceURL credential:nil spatialRef:[AGSSpatialReference webMercatorSpatialReference]];

// Convert table to a layer
featureTableLayer = [[AGSFeatureTableLayer alloc] initWithFeatureTable:featureServiceTable];

// Add to the map
[mapView addMapLayer:featureTableLayer withName:@"feature table layer"];

New updates for the Qt and Java SDKs will also be included in this release, bringing a unified licensing experience and the same offline capabilities we have on other platforms including the Geodatabase Feature Service Table.

We’re really excited about this next update of our SDKs and we think you will be too. Over the next few weeks we’ll be making these SDK updates available from the Developers site and we look forward to getting your feedback.

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  1. shekhawatravi says:

    When can i expect the next release of ArcGIS Runtime SDK for JAVA i.e. 10.2.3