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Collector for ArcGIS 10.2.3 update released!

On April 29th, 2014 the Collector for ArcGIS app has been updated to version 10.2.3 in both the iTunes App Store as well as Google Play.

This is a minor update that targets key fixes to both connected and disconnected workflows. Most notable for Portal for ArcGIS users is that credentials (along with the Portal URL) are maintained when you shutdown the app on your iPad or iPhone.

We have started work on our summer release and we are planning new and exciting things for Collector based upon your feedback! Check out the Sneak Peek section of our doc page and email our dev team with your ideas!

Collector Team

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Style overrides for Home page featured content buttons

When you add featured content to your organization Home, it displays below your banner in a ribbon gallery and provides button navigation to view the items you’ve shared. Using simple style overrides you can change the look and feel of these buttons for featured content displayed on your organization’s Home, or even remove them if not needed.

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Now Available: Explorer for ArcGIS on iPad and iPhone


The wait is over! Esri’s newest app for iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) is now available in the Apple App Store. Explorer for ArcGIS gives you a first class experience for accessing your geospatial data on a mobile device. We … Continue reading

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Style overrides for Home page featured content text

In a previous post we covered various ways that you can ensure that the featured content text, which is light blue by default, is readable when using different Home page layouts and banner sizes. But if you don’t want to change your banner, or want the text to match your organization color scheme, you can use some simple style overrides to make changes.

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The New Ocean Basemap

The Ocean Basemap team is thrilled to announce the latest release of the World Ocean Basemap!  This new release reflects an exciting and major change to the structure of the basemap.  The World Ocean Basemap now consists of two layers:  the base layer with the hydrographic and terrestrial cartography and a separate reference layer that contains the reference information and labels, such as soundings, subsurface feature names, and administrative boundaries.  This change will better serve the World Ocean Basemap community in their maps and applications. Continue reading

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Home page banner and featured content display tips


When configuring your organization one of the options is to include a featured content ribbon on your home page. This is handy way to showcase maps, apps, and more, and provides one-click access to content. First, create a group containing … Continue reading

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A great organization home page


Your organization home is a reflection on your GIS organization, and the work that you do. First impressions count, and an attractive site (and of course one with great maps, apps, and information products) says a lot about who you … Continue reading

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Make a gallery of galleries


In a previous post we introduced several ways that you can use groups to provide access to your maps and apps, including embedding groups and making group gallery applications. But what happens if you have many items, or just want … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Open Data .beta


We are excited to share ArcGIS Open Data to the public. Starting today any ArcGIS Online organization can enable open data, specify open data groups and create and publicize their open data through a simple, hosted and best practices web … Continue reading

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Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS update!

On Friday April 18th, we updated the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS app that is hosted within ArcGIS Online. We are busy working on updating the Portal for ArcGIS configuration utility as well so please look for this update inside of the Customer Care site later this week.

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