Explorer for ArcGIS is coming!

Explorer for ArcGIS is coming and it is bringing exciting, new capabilities across the smartphone, tablet and desktop platforms. Explorer joins our family of apps that include Collector and Dashboard.

We have grand ambitions for Explorer and we chose this name for a reason! Yes we may have used it for product naming in the past but we are using it again because it best describes our vision. Collector and Operations Dashboard target the field data collection and operation management needs within your organization – Explorer targets the knowledge workers and decision makers that need to explore data in a geographic context and use maps to help them make better decisions and inform others.

Our first release in April will be on the iOS platform (phones and tablets). You will be able to personalize your experience with the ArcGIS platform, explore your organization and maps to discover information that is relevant to the work you do each day, and use maps as a medium for presenting, sharing and communicating with others inside of your organization.

We are starting with iOS but have an aggressive roadmap to roll out Explorer onto new platforms (smartphones, tablets and desktops) with exciting new functionality in each update. What we release in April will eclipse what you can do with the ArcGIS app today on smartphones and tablets and then quickly grow to be more powerful with a series of quick, focused releases. As we move forward, you will be able to make maps, publish and edit data, view in 2D or 3D and over time – taking full advantage of the platform you are using.

Explorer will improve the way that you plan and execute the work you do every day. From the perspective of a GIS manager, this is really exciting! Explorer is a new app that just comes with the ArcGIS platform and you can put in the hands of those you serve to make them and yourselves more efficient.

We are excited about Explorer for ArcGIS and we hope that you will be too. Over the next few weeks, we will be writing a series of articles that describe what Explorer on iOS can do. We would like to hear your thoughts, ideas and comments. Please email us at Explorer4ArcGIS@esri.com.

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  1. jstreeb says:

    With this app release can we still expect future releases of the ArcGIS Explorer for Desktop program, or are you going to get rid of this valuable desktop resource? This is important to know so we can begin preparing now if we need to find a replacement for ArcGIS Explorer for Desktop.

    • Jeff Shaner says:

      Yes you can expect future releases of the existing ArcGIS Explorer for Desktop program. The team is finishing up a patch now that will go out in the next few weeks and there is a 10.3 release planned as well. With that said, we do intend to scale back future development of it so it would be great to understand your workflows and use of Explorer Desktop today so that we can ensure Explorer for ArcGIS will satisfy your needs. Please send us details or contact information to Explorer4ArcGIS@esri.com and we can reach out to you on it. Thank you!

  2. npeihl says:

    Is it possible to add the Collector and Explorer (when it’s released) Android apps to Amazon store as well? Thanks.

  3. alex.link says:

    is there any update on when the actual release date for this is ? (UK)

  4. jsistoza says:

    would Explorer for ArcGIS still be compatible with ArcGIS server 10.3.1?
    We currently have a total of 100+ users deployed with Explorer for ArcGIS on their iPAD devices and a plan to upgrade ArcGIS from 10.1 sp1 to 10.3.1 this week.