The Community Analyst release is almost here!

The long awaited release is almost here!  Many of you have been anticipating this release so here’s a sneak peek of some new features that you can look forward to using.

Import sites from legacy version
With the new version of the application, you can import sites that you’ve created in the previous version.  We don’t want you to lose all of the hard work you’ve done in creating your sites so this option allows you to import them over.

You can find the Import sites from legacy version link located in the My Sites section of My Content.

Change the country
In this release you can now access more than 80 countries.  In addition, you can access data and create reports for these countries.

You can change the country with the feature at the top of the application.

American Community Survey data
American Community Survey data is available for mapping and reports.  You can choose to view totals, percentages and reliability measures for this data.  This is for the U.S. only.

Market Potential data
With Market Potential data, you can now map thousands of different behaviors and preferences metrics. This is for the U.S. only.

We hope you will find these new features and updates helpful in your use of the application.  We look forward to hearing your feedback about these as well.

Keep an eye out for the new release!

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  1. taja6029 says:

    why won’t it let me use this tool with a public account?