Collector and Operations Dashboard 10.2.2 Updates Released!

Today we completed the final phase of our 10.2.2 app updates by releasing Collector for ArcGIS into the iTunes App Store.

The 10.2.2 release of both Collector and the Operations Dashboard mark provide new opportunities to leverage Web GIS and the ArcGIS platform within your organization.

For more information, please see our Product Release Announcement located on

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  1. timmerspk says:

    Our initial user testing, air operations observers, find that you can’t download enough tiles – even with a 128GB iPad. You reach the tile limit. If it was possible to create a set of smaller offline caches then when you open the map it would allow me to choose one of those offline caches, that may work. I can’t seem to find out how to do that. I can delete a cache and download a new one, but not download more than one cache for the one map. The iPad app runs more reliably than the Android app. Less failures in downloads.

    • Jeff Shaner says:

      Peter – with regard to the basemap size, we are limiting you to 100,000 tiles for the Esri Basemap tile extraction. For all scale levels this equates to roughly a 60×60 sq mile area and is approximately pulling down a 1GB worth of data to the device. You have a few options here however:
      1. If you have your own basemap data, you can cook a .tpk with ArcMap and then side-load it to the iPad using iTunes. This does not have a 100,000 tile restriction so you can create 1 large tpk and then re-use it across multiple maps once you have it on the device. Note copying more than 1GB to an iPad is best done via cable (it could bring down your wireless or cell data plan to push over the air).
      2. If you do not have your own basemap data and need to use Esri basemaps, you can reduce the level of tiles you cache at to increase the area. Not ideal but an option for you.

      As for failures with Android, this can very much be a factor of the hardware itself. So please let us know what you are using.


      • timmerspk says:

        Thanks for the reply Jeff. Good to hear about being able to load tpks. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S4 A4.3. I’m having more luck with wifi but with big downloads if I have an interruption in my connection the download fails and doesn’t restart. I must admit I haven’t gone through all your doco – the amount of documentation has exploded with offline. I do like approaching it without doco first to see how our guys will go, but I will dive in eventually. Again good to hear about the tpk.

        • timmerspk says:

          Any tricks to the tpk? I exported various tpks from our imagery compact cache into sizable tpks (600M – 1.6GB). Found the basemaps dir in iTunes. Place them in there and they appear in Collector. But they’re not displaying and the GPS won’t enable when the map opens. No matter which one I open. They’re all web mercator. Just different extents and scales down to (18K to 1K).

          • lawiebehydro says:

            Hi timmerspk, I am having the same issue as you with the TPK of imagery not displaying. In the MXD I used to create the TPK (Share TPK) I had a no fill polygon with my study area, and then my detailed imagery. it took 2 days to produce and now all i get is my study area polygon… Did you get anywhere?

      • yinmingshu says:

        Hi Jeff:
        could you give some instruction how to use iTunes to sideload tpk file into ArcGIS_collector folder? I could not find such folder, should i create one ?

  2. caseybentz8 says:

    I have jotted down some initial thoughts on the offline capabilities:

    On Android, the sync seems to fail quite a bit (An error occurred while synchronizing edits). But, if I keep trying it will eventually work. I would say 3 or 4 tries results in a success.

    I also have troubles with downloading the map. I click the download button, the work area view pops in and sometimes just spools, sometimes errors out, sometimes works.

    The most recent download error message — The map ‘GatesAttachments’ failed to download with the message: {there was no message}

    The reload option for the downloaded maps also seems to be hit or miss on when it appears. Not sure if this is design or not.

    I have no idea how to download a new basemap without removing the map from my device and downloading it again.

    • russroberts says:

      Could you share a map & service into a group and invite the account collect into that group I can take a look and see if there are any issues with the services and try to reproduce any errors.


    • timmerspk says:

      Same here on the failing sync on . I republished the hosted service from scratch and it worked for a while then I get “An error occurred while sychronizing edits.”. I get that “no message” error too when downloading. Actually I’m having all your issues. I’ve share our debug group to the esri_collector user. I’m not getting the failed syncs on the iPad only Android.

  3. says:

    Jeff,I have problems enabling the offline modus. Unfortunately the .doc site redirects me immediately to in german. But in german the offline feature is not described yet. Can you give me a short hint, what I am am doing wrong. I am using as a test simply a hosted feature service combined with a topographic basemap.

    • Jeff Shaner says:


      1. Please make sure that your hosted feature service has the sync capability as well as all of the edit operations enabled (create, update, delete). If you click Edit on the feature service item details you will see the options to modify if you scroll down.

      2. If #1 is ok, then open and save the web map that you have added your feature service into. You will notice that in the item details there is a new offline mode check box. That needs to be enabled for your map to show up as downloadable.

      Please let me know if that works for you!



  4. says:

    what you described I did already before, but I could not check the offline box. Instead I got an error message “Diese Webkarte kann nicht für die Offline-Verwendung aktiviert werden. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unterOffline-Verwenden von Karten.” “Translataion: This Web Map cannot be activated for offline use…”
    But I found the mistake. I used additional data from my own AGS in the WebMap. If I delete those layers It works. What kind of restrictions are there using own AGS-Services?

  5. yinmingshu says:

    Hi Jeff:
    I figured out how to load tpk file in ipad, it shows in COLLECTOR, and then few minutes later automatic moved into “BASEMAP” folder.
    and when I sign in Collector, go to manage my map, I saw 2 basemaps (I have download one earlier )
    My question is how can chose which basemap to use in my service map, I did not see anywhere to allow me to chose basemap
    or shift basemap, any advice?


    • timmerspk says:

      To change the base map for a map to a tpk you have to go to Manage and delete the map. I’d delete the features only and leave the existing base map if you want to use it again. Then go back to the main page and download the map and you’ll be offered your tpks. My problem is that I’ve been unable to use any tpk I’ve created. They appear on the list but do not draw properly. All Web Merc tpks. Some exports from bigger tile caches, some custom tpks.

      • Jeff Shaner says:

        Hey Peter – did you use the default ArcGIS Online tiling format settings? I just published a blog article that shows the approach of using ArcMap – are you doing it this way? If so, can you please file a support incident so we can see what is going on with your tile cache?

        Here is the article I just pushed out –

  6. brianjbaldwin says:

    Is there the ability within Collector to unsync a map? After syncing a map, I need to adjust the bounds/scale, but it seems there is no way to re-download the basemap data.

  7. carmagerberesri says:

    Hello, thanks for the update. I am trying to configure an operations dashboard view. One of my attribute fields is “Job Complete”. The field is numeric with coded values of 0 and 1 fore Yes and No. Because it’s not a range domain, I can’t use the data anywhere in the wigits.

    Is there some way I can show the count of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’?

  8. joseph.downs_noaa says:

    We have a couple of people who are attempting to use Collector on their iPhones. They are unable to sign into AGOL. They either get the message “Incorrect number of callbacks” or invalid username/password. They’ve verified that they are using the correct password.

    Any ideas on what we can do to resolve these issues?

    I’m new to this bog so, apologies if this isn’t the place for this type of question.