Collector for ArcGIS 10.2.2 phased release

We are happy to announce the phased roll out of Collector for ArcGIS v10.2.2! Android users will start seeing updates available over the next few days and early next week it will be available to all users on both iOS and Android platforms.

This release introduces support for downloading maps to smartphone and tablet devices so that you can collect and update GIS features in the field where there is no data connection and then synchronize changes when connected.

You will need to update your maps to make them available for download. Maps with editable, sync-enabled feature services plus Esri basemaps need only be opened and saved. Note that there is a new “Offline Mode” option in the item details for your web map. If it is not turned on, your map will not be available for download.  For all the details, please check out our doc site.

Apps Team

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  1. timmerspk says:

    What about the option to download ONLY over Wifi? 100-200meg downloads are pretty easy.

    • mstillesri says:

      That’s an option under settings. You can choose Download on WiFi Only (default) or Download on Wifi or Cellular (with a warning about data plan charges that may occur.)

  2. villersb says:

    Does every layer in the map have to be editable for the download to work?

    • Jeff Shaner says:

      villersb – no. You need to have 1 editable layer within the map. You can disable editing for all other layers in the feature service using the disable editing option when authoring the map if you like.

  3. mrbgroup says:

    Google Play store says Updated March 12, 2014, Version 10.2.2, but when I download and install the collector app it is still version 10.2 build 417.

  4. mgregotski says:

    I have a map with an ArcGIS Online hosted sync-enabled feature service that I want to take offline for editing. In the map I also have a an Esri basemap and an ArcGIS Online hosted tiled service that I use for reference. Will I be able to download the ArcGIS Online hosted tiled service to Collector for offline use? It sounds like from the above description and the doc site that ArcGIS Online hosted tiled services can’t be downloaded:

    • Jeff Shaner says:

      That’s correct Mike. Both in Collector and the ArcGIS Runtime SDKs we do NOT support the download of Hosted Tiled Map Layers. This is a current limitation that we plan to address in our next release. In the interim, take a look at how you can side-load basemaps to the device. If the goal of pushing the Hosted Tiled Map Service up to ArcGIS Online is to support download to the device – save your space and credits. You can cook a tile package with your own data using ArcMap and copy it locally to your device and use it with your web maps.

  5. robert_rayner says:

    Do we need server 10.2.2?
    It looks like “Currently, you can enable map layers for offline use from tiles with Export tiles enabled (from ArcGIS 10.2.2 for Server or later), features (from ArcGIS 10.2.2 for Server or later), and hosted features.”
    As I understand it, unless we are using AGOL hosted features, we still can’t take maps offline with Collector until sometime in April?

    • Jeff Shaner says:

      robert – the operational layers in the map need to be based upon feature services (hosted or on-prem). The basemap itself can be an Esri basemap service (which you can use now), your own on-prem 10.2.2 tiled map service layer (which you need to wait for 10.2.2 to come out) or you can side-load the basemap to your device (as I mentioned in the previous comment).

      Extracting tiles and downloading over wifi or cellular is expensive (both in size and time).I would recommend that you look into this approach of side-loading your basemap. Both iOS and Android support side-loading. You can create one or more very large tile packages, copy them to the device in its most efficient manner (a wire or sd card), and re-use it across multiple web maps.

      • dougbrowning says:

        Is there any docs on where exactly to copy the tiles to and how to use them. It just says the Collector folder but I have tried a number of places and never can see them. Thanks

        • byagrich says:

          dougbrowning – It sounds like you’re using Android since you have access to a file system and multiple locations. You should copy your .tpk to the ArcGIS_Collector folder. One important note is that you’ll need to restart Collector in order for this to appear.

      • robert_rayner says:

        Great, I now have a base .tpk on the device, and I can browse to it through collector when I Manage>Base maps.
        I see no options for actually using it in a map though. I have maps downloaded and sync-able, and otherwise everything is functioning, just have no way to make a map use the side-loaded base .tpk….

  6. steve_li says:

    When I create a operation view using a webmap with feature services, I don’t see Dynamic and Static radio button options for feature layer anymore. It just says static:no automatic update. Why?

    • kylie says:

      In the latest release of Operations Dashboard, the default is to use the refresh intervals authored with the map. Add refresh intervals onto the layers in your map, and you will see the refresh interval in that dialog. This lets you have different refresh intervals for different layers in the map.

      If you do want to override the refresh intervals set in the map, and have a single refresh for all the layers that are dynamic, you can do so. See step 6 in Add a map and configure data sources:

      When editing the operation view, you can override the refresh interval on each layer in the map with a single refresh interval for all dynamic layers. To specify a single refresh interval, go to the Widgets menu and click Refresh Settings. Set the refresh type to use a single interval to update data sources, and specify a refresh interval. When using a single refresh interval, you can also override for each layer whether it is static or dynamic.

  7. jeremygould says:

    Will the offline version of collector support ArcGIS Server secured services? Will editor tracking work offline as well? When will ArcSIS Server 10.2.2 be released?

  8. timmerspk says:

    Is anyone else having trouble sync’ing the offline maps? I have a map with a AGOL hosted layer and it’s giving me an error with syncing. This same worked fine in previous version. Nothing has changed besides ticking the offline and resaving. I’ve tried 3G and wifi.

  9. mgregotski says:

    Thanks to everyone for sharing their comments here. It has made working with the Collector that much easier.

  10. iconjmb1 says:

    What is the scale when zoomed in all the way on collector? I am trying to symbolize my data accordingly, my inspectors work at the most zoomed in level.