10.2.2 release of ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android

Today, we are happy to announce the release of the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android v10.2.2 release. Download the SDK from our updated developer site.

The major changes this release focused on providing the capability to work offline and to speed up your productivity as described below:

Offline functionality

Offline functionality was introduced in beta at the last release (version 10.2) and is now available in final form. This means that now you can build and deploy offline- and sync-enabled apps for production use. You can now use the following offline capabilities in your production apps:

  • Disconnected feature editing and sync
  • Disconnected geocoding with a local locator on the device
  • Disconnected routing with a local Network Dataset on the device
  • On-demand downloading of basemap tile caches to the device for disconnected use

Productivity improvements

Licensing requirements for deployment

Starting at the 10.2.2 release of ArcGIS Runtime, all SDKs are licensed using the same model. Your ArcGIS Runtime application needs to be licensed using Basic or Standard Level before it is deployed. You can download any of the Runtime SDKs at no cost and you will have access to all Basic and Standard functionality for development and testing purposes. Until your application is licensed for deployment at basic or standard level you will, however, experience map watermarks and debug messages. For more information, refer to the License your app topic.

New in the SDK

  • Improved samples search capabilities in New Sample Wizard
  • ArcGIS Feature tool refactored to support Android Application Toolkit
  • Support for Turkish locale
  • Additional samples (orientation, offline apis, licensing)
  • Improved & Updated samples

Developer Summit

Those attending the developer summit can use v10.2.2 for the Hackathon on Sunday and Monday of the conference.  We have many sessions this year around all the new features and functionality so be sure to attend as many Android related sessions as you can.

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  1. iyarbrough says:

    Is a 10.2.2 version of Collector still on the way as described ?

  2. Dan O'Neill says:

    Announcement for Collector release can be found here

  3. dlengton says:

    Dan, does the new release support non-spatial/reference tables? Cant seem to find a TableInfo class…