10.2.2 release of ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS and OS X now available!

Earlier this year, we released a beta of offline capabilities as part of our 10.2 release. Today, we are happy to announce that offline functionality is now available in final form with the latest 10.2.2 release. Download the SDKs now (iOS|OS X).

Thanks to all your beta testing, feedback, and suggestions, we have been able to simplify, enhance, and greatly improve the API. However, we just couldn’t avoid making a few breaking changes along the way. But don’t worry, the changes are limited only to the offline API. And to help ease the migration for those of you who have been test driving the beta functionality, we have carefully documented all the changes you need to make. For a list of changes and new features, refer to the Release Notes (iOS|OS X).

With this robust new release, you are finally permitted to deploy iOS and Mac apps containing offline capabilities into production. And speaking of deployment, starting with this release, you will need to properly license your apps before you distribute them. Of course, you can still use all of the Runtime capabilities (offline included) during development without writing a single line of licensing code, however, your maps will be watermarked until you do so. When you’re ready to deploy, you’ll need to add just a sprinkle of code to get rid of the watermark and properly license your app. Refer to the License your app topic (iOS|OS X) topic for more information and code examples.

And if you’re in the Palm Springs area for the upcoming Developer Summit, be sure to check out our sessions. Drop by the Runtime SDK island at the showcase, and ask us about our offline capabilities. We’ve had an answer in the making for a while now, and we can’t wait to finally tell you all about it.

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  1. jp.dubey07 says:

    Great break-through by esri team!

  2. reedhtr says:

    This is a timely improvement. Will there be support for disabling editing in desktop pre-generated disconnected vector maps so as to only require a basic license? The use case for this is to pre-load a state-wide, read-only basemap for about 350 users to perform field inspections in areas without wireless or cell access. User patience with download speeds is already tested, so having basemaps already onboard will help maintain user satisfaction.