What’s New in ArcGIS Online (March 2014)

It’s time to refresh your browser - ArcGIS Online has been updated with the following new features and enhancements. This update includes changes and additions for administering organizations, web map templates, and more. It also includes new data and map services from Esri, and beta functionality that ArcGIS Online users can preview.

Custom Roles

Custom roles provide administrators the ability to create unique roles for organizational members. To create a custom role, choose a role template, provide a name and description, and (optionally) check on or off specific privileges, such as creating groups, publishing features, and more.

Custom roles add greater control and flexibility in assigning privileges to members of your organization, and enable tailoring new roles that specifically fit your organization dynamics, workflows, and needs.

For more information see:


Analysis tools can be accessed via Perform Analysis from supported map layers. Tools are arranged in logical groupings, such as Data Enrichment, Analyze Patterns, Use Proximity, and others, that help you locate specific capabilities. Analysis tools have been enhanced with the following new additions and changes:

Derive New Locations creates new features in your study area that meet a series of criteria you specify. The criteria can be based on attribute queries (for example, parcels that are vacant) and spatial queries (for example, within 1 mile of a river).

Find Similar Locations finds features most similar to one or more selected features based on criteria you specify.

Overlay Layers includes more output options when using intersect.

Enrich Layer  now includes data from 30 additional countries in the enrichment choices.

Perform Analysis now allows you to choose feature types from feature sub-layers.

KML layers are now supported as an input type for all analysis tools.

For more information see Use the analysis tools.

Map Viewer

The map viewer has been enhanced with the following new features and capabilities:

Review addresses
After you publish a hosted feature layer from a CSV file containing addresses, you can use the map viewer to review the addresses in the layer. You can map unmatched addresses using suggestions, or can edit specific address fields to rematch unmatchable addresses.

New symbols
Three new point symbol sets from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) are available for features and map notes. These are Damage, Disasters, and General Infrastructure.

Route to all Features
When using less than 20 features, you can route to all features in order. Using a sequence field you can change the routing order. Feature collections, GeoRSS, ArcGIS Server, and hosted feature point layers are supported.

Offline Maps

Offline maps allow you to view, collect, and update features when you are disconnected from the Internet. Use Collector for ArcGIS to download the offline maps and view, collect, and edit data. Manage map content on your device and synchronize changes when you are reconnected.

ArcGIS Apps

Activity Dashboard for ArcGIS is a free web app for organization administrators that provides access to activity-based metrics, real-time reports and other useful information about your online mapping platform.  Discovery, analysis and reporting of activity is categorized and visualized in a series of reports and charts about content (items), users, and groups. Activity Dashboard for ArcGIS is an Esri Labs application found on the ArcGIS Marketplace.

App templates

App templates enable you to build information products tailored to your target audience using easy-to-configure templates that require no programming. For programmers, source code is also available to download for more in-depth customization. The following additions, changes, and enhancements are new with this release:

New templates
Use Find, Edit, and Filter to search for features, edit them, set attribute values, and filter content. Summary Viewer summarizes numeric attributes of features in a specified layer, and can be configured to return sum, average, min, and max for the specified fields.

Early Adopter Templates
The Early Adopter Templates group allows you to use and learn more about new app templates, and submit your feedback. New templates include Public Information and Service Lookup.

Parcel Viewer has been renamed Finder to reflect that it is useful for more than just parcel searches.

Story Maps

Story maps let you tell powerful stories easily using maps and GIS to inform and inspire your audience. Story maps have recently been enhanced with the following:

New Story Maps website
A new Story Maps website has been introduced that provides detailed information about each story map. The site also includes step-by-step tutorials, a searchable gallery, and access to other useful resources.

Streamlined story authoring
In addition to using the story map applications in the app template gallery that appears when you share your web map as a web application,  you can also create map tour and swipe (including “spyglass”) story maps directly from the new website. This simplifies the story authoring experience, enabling anyone to craft their own stories easily.

Single Sign-On to the ArcGIS Platform

You can now sign in once with your ArcGIS account and seamlessly access all your web apps registered with the platform. Your registered web apps include apps you’ve purchased on ArcGIS Marketplace, custom web apps shared to your organization, and featured apps in the Gallery.

ArcGIS Content and Services

ArcGIS Basemaps have been further optimized for even higher performance and scalability. The upgrade also includes support for tile resampling eliminating the Map data not yet available message. The messages are now replaced with resampled map tiles from the most detailed level available.

The World Geocode Service has been enhanced for ten countries, including Singapore, Puerto Rico, and Suriname.

Network Analysis directions are now available in Estonian and Latvian, in addition to seventeen other previously supported languages. There is also a new FindRoutes service available in Desktop Ready-To-Use Services.

GeoEnrichment updates include data for 30 new countries. The service can now be used in more than 100 countries worldwide. There is also updated enrichment content for Canada and the United States.

A new set of Moderate-Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) imagery maps and layers are available, referencing a collection of NASA imagery. The MODIS imagery provides 250-meter, multispectral satellite imagery of the world that is updated daily. It has a near-real time (3 hours delay) temporal archive that helps provide global and fine-temporal context for making decisions and visual assessments of conditions for any day, anywhere in the world.

For details and the latest information about content and core services, see the ArcGIS Online blog.


Help has been completely redesigned to improve the usability and attractiveness of the information presented. Help now includes additional topics, graphics, and context, increasing the value of this resource. The URL has changed to http://doc.arcgis.com/en/arcgis-online/.


Turkish and Thai have been added as languages.

For more information

For more information see the What’s New help topic.

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  1. utebarry says:

    When will Collector be updated to 10.2.2 so we can use offline editing? It’s still at last November’s release (10.2) Am I missing something?

  2. benny37 says:

    Was this released? I don’t see any changes. If not, when will it be released. also, what happened to the dash board I can’t find it or access it any longer.

    • Bern Szukalski says:

      If you mean – was the ArcGIS Online update the post is about release, the answer is most definitely yes. I’m also not sure what you mean by the dash board, is that the Admin dashboard, or? Refresh your browser to be sure you’re seeing all the changes.

  3. posso says:

    What about the local gallery for different countries on the homepage?
    I’am the Italian curator and now I don’t see my selection for the main gallery on the portal homepage any more!

    • Bern Szukalski says:

      Thanks for reporting. I’ve sent the issue on to the dev team, and you can continue to monitor the issue via the normal Esri Distributor support channels.

  4. jayzzzzz says:

    I get a 404 error when trying to download the new Summary viewer application template.

  5. ernestocd says:

    I am very excited about the new Puerto Rico geocoding capabilities for dynamic segmentation but I noticed something odd. When you type for an address using this type of address, the geocoded outputs is adding a space between the dot (.) and the hectometer. Example, if I want to search for KM 2.2 PR-177 the results appears as KM 2._2 (the underscore meaning the space). That is not right since general way of typing these addresses is typing the kilometer (dot) hectometer (all together). Please fix!!

    • Bern Szukalski says:

      Thanks for the feedback, I have forwarded the issue on to the dev teams.

      • ernestocd says:

        I noticed that the KM issues was corrected but noticed another weird behavior. I am unable to successfully geocode (or locate) addresses if the kilometer does not have the hectometer. Example, if I type KM 1 PR-181, Trujillo Alto, PRI (that is kilometer 1 – no hectometer), the geocoded position is not correct. If I type KM 1.0 PR-181, Trujillo Alto, PRI then I get a successful geolocation. When I am able to geolocate the address, the information windows displays the address as follows: KM 1. PR-181 S, San Juan, Oriente, San Juan, 00923. Basically, the information window in placing the dot (.) without the hectometer when searching addresses with no hectometer. I think it should display either just the 1 or 1.0

  6. udotadmin says:

    Has the share icon been removed from the modify map button for non logged in users? This was a huge workflow tool for our users. A lot of collaboration was happening with this action. Is there a setting through the admin to turn this back on for anonymous use.

  7. abaumgarden says:

    One reason we used to prefer using Explorer Online was the capability to query your map service using predefined queries. I was under the impression this functionality would be added to the basic ArcGIS.com map viewer since EO was retired back in December, 2013. It still doesn’t look like it is available in this latest release of AGO. Any idea if this is ever going to happen?

    • Bern Szukalski says:

      Our implementation for the web map continues to be reviewed and will be refined in a future release. One alternative you may want to consider is the Finder template found on the Make A Web App gallery.

  8. cadriku08 says:

    Fantastic, I like it

  9. ernestocd says:

    I have found also a major data geometry inaccuracy that affects both Esri’s World locator and Basemap (Topographic and Imagery with Labels). Basically, the geometry for the Municipalities (equivalent to USA state counties) boundaries is not consistent to the reality. I have tested multiple addresses and won’t geocode with the correct municipality. The address is geocoded (in the wrong location) when the address information is changed with the contiguous municipality. The basemap boundaries reflect this issue clearly. I believe this is a data source (NAVTEQ) error but it affects Esri’s products. If interested, let me know how to contact you for more detailed description of these issues. Esri, please fix, since even though I am excited by the new improvements applied to the service, this has a lot of users questionings its use.

    • Bern Szukalski says:

      Ernesto – thanks for the comments. Can you send me some specific details of these issues so we can take a closer look and reproduce them? Screenshots, steps to repro, etc. would be most useful. I will turn these over to the product team. Please send directly to bszukalski@esri.com.