Adding Flickr sets to story map map tours

In a previous post we covered how to add photos from Flickr to your story map map tours. In this post, we’ll add a complete slideshow from a Flickr photo set to a tour stop in an existing tour. This is one of several techniques that you can use to display multiple photos at a single tour stop. It requires that you can make your own web page and host it.

Note: Flickr recently changed their UX – see this post for an update on embedding albums in story map tours.

Step 1: Open your Flickr photo set

Login to your Flickr account, and click Sets to view your available sets. Choose one of your sets by clicking the cover photo:

Step 2: View the set in slideshow mode

Once you have opened your set, view it in slideshow mode. Open one of the photos in the set and look for the three dots in the lower right:

From the menu choose View slideshow:

Step 3: Grab the embed HTML for the slideshow

In the upper right of the slideshow click Share, then click Copy to clipboard to grab the embed HTML:

Step 4: Make a simple web page using the embed HTML

Create a simple web page by pasting the embed HTML from above between opening and closing HTML tags (<html> and </html>), and save it as a .html file. You can center the slideshow by changing the width and height attributes, as indicated below:

Copy the page to a publicly accessible URL location, such as your web server or other hosting service.

Step 5: Add a new tour stop

Open your map tour in builder mode, and click Add to add a new tour stop:

Step 6: Add the Flickr slideshow to your tour

On the Media tab of Add new tour point, choose Video, and click Other. Paste the URL for the web page you created in Step 4 above into the Other input, and add a thumbnail of your choosing.

Step 5: Make any additional changes and save your tour

Add information about the new stop, set the location, and make other changes as desired. When finished save your map tour.

Step 6: View your map tour

You’ve now successfully added a Flickr slideshow to your map tour. You can view the slideshow in fullscreen mode by clicking the arrows that appear when you hover over the top right corner, or by clicking the fullscreen option in the Flickr slideshow.


Organize your tour stop photos using Flickr sets.

To optimize performance size the photos appropriately

Keep the number of photos in your sets to a minimum.

For more information

For more information see theĀ Storytelling with Maps website, or view the help provided within the map tour builder.

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