Introducing a new map tour workflow

With recent updates and changes to the ArcGIS for Storytelling website, a new streamlined workflow was introduced for authoring Map Tour story maps. Previous workflows started by authoring a web map first, and then launching the map tour builder from the Make A Web Application gallery. That workflow is still an excellent choice, but now you can launch the map tour builder directly from the Storytelling website, without needing to author, save, and share a map first.

From the ArcGIS for Storytelling website, choose Storytelling Apps from the top menu:

You will find Map Tour under the Sequential, Place-based Narratives section. Click Build a Tour to begin:

You’ll be prompted to login; behind the scenes the map used in your tour will be created and saved in your account. You can use your free public account or your ArcGIS organizational account to login.

The Map Tour builder will open, and you can begin creating your tour.

Once you complete your tour, click Save:

A message will confirm that you’ve successfully saved your tour.

But you’ll also want to Share your tour so that others can view it. Click Close in the dialog shown above, then click Share in the map tour builder:

Next, choose how you want to share your map tour; Share publicly if you want to enable everyone to find and use it, or Share with my Organization if you only want to share the tour within your ArcGIS organization:

Share your tour using the highlighted link:

Remember that both the map and your story map tour are saved as items in My Content, where you’ll see the just-created map and app:

These can be managed and edited just like any other item. Best practice dictates that you should complete your item details and add a good thumbnail.

For more information see the Map Tour Tutorial.

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