ArcPad 10.2.1 Released!


We are pleased to announce that ArcPad 10.2.1 is available to download via the Esri Customer Care Portal. The ArcPad 10.2.1 update addresses some important usability and feature enhancements that improves the utility and stability of ArcPad.  Here are some highlights:


Support for Bing Maps Key

ArcPad 10.2.1 allows users to enter their own Bing Maps Key in the server options dialog. This is important for users who want to continue to use Bing Maps as a basemap in ArcPad.  See this blog post of more information about continued use of Bing Maps with Esri products.


Rangefinders and linear traversing

The tools for working with external rangefinders has been enhanced and the linear traverse workflow now gives consistent results when capturing polylines or polygons.  See the Linear Traverse Help.


Synchronization with feature services

Last year ArcPad 10.2 introduced the ability to edit feature services hosted on ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Server in a connected or disconnected environment.  ArcPad 10.2.1 improves the reliability of feature service synchronization and the stability of symbols and forms.  Also, feature services originating from ArcGIS for Server 10.0 are now supported.  Give feature service synchronization a try!


Geodatabase Geometry Types

ArcPad 10.2.1 has better support for Geodatabase geometry types. So if you are using an Enterprise or Workgroup Geodatabase with ArcPad you can take your data into the field and synchronize your data back to the Geodatabase just as you would with a file based data source.

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  1. tjohnston87 says:

    Still no support for feature service synchronization from geodatabases that have attachments enabled? This lack of functionality was not in the online help for v.10.2 and appears to still not be in there. We found out the hard way after days of testing and wondering why our feature services would not work in AP 10.2. An enhancement request (NIM096107) was submitted to add a line about attachments not being supported to the ArcPad 10.2 documentation still has not be implemented.

    It would be great if, first, this was added to the documentation, and second, even if you did not allow attachments to work in feature service editing in ArcPad, that the source geodatabase that the feature service was based off of could have attachments enabled, but just disregard them in ArcPad.

  2. hcapello says:

    Any chance support for MrSid generation 4 (MG4) was added? Or planned for future enhancements?

    • marika says:

      The original MrSID extension for ArcPad was created and distributed by LizardTech, not Esri. The extension environment remains for ArcPad, so a new extension could be created if LizardTech chooses to.