Major Update to Operations Dashboard Coming in March!

Along with Collector for ArcGIS, last year we introduced a new app called the Operations Dashboard. Both Collector and Dashboard are simply a part of your ArcGIS organization. The Operations Dashboard is a great planning and monitoring tool that brings to life the power of the geospatial content you manage. Armed with a powerful collection of widgets you can view and interact with your data in both a spatial and statistical context. To learn more about the Operations Dashboard or to try it out yourself – check out our online doc site.

In March we will be releasing a major update (version 10.2.2). Here are some of the key features you can look forward to seeing…

Reaching out to other platforms

Using the Dashboard you can create and share operation views that provide focus or context to an operation or event that may be happening in real-time or summary details for a program initiative within your organization. Now you will be able to open these operation views in a web browser as well as on your desktop or laptop.

Using the Windows Dashboard you can create a single display operation view, share the item inside of your ArcGIS organization or its URL with others by email or on a web page and open it up in your web browser. This opens up the opportunity to use the Dashboard on a tablet device (iPad, Android tablet).

All of the capabilities of a single display operation view will be available in the Dashboard web viewer over time. With the March release we will have a few notable exceptions and as we are closer to release we will announce exactly what these are. The web dashboard will be styled and optimized for tablet devices so that it is touch friendly.

Working with Dynamic Data Sources

We are improving the way that you work with data sources inside of the Dashboard. Currently widgets within the Dashboard require feature layers as a data source however we have had several requests to support dynamic map service layers as well and we are bringing them into this release so now you can use either feature services or dynamic map services as a data source powering your widgets.

With recent updates to web maps in ArcGIS Online you can now set a refresh interval for a layer within the map you author. With this update we will honor those settings as well. This applies to all layers and not just those that act as a data source for widgets. If you want to override those layer settings and continue to have a single, unified heartbeat for all dynamic data sources – you can do that too.

Search Improvements

With the March release we are improving Find Places so that you can configure what you want to search for. This includes the ability to search for features within a layer based upon a field or search based upon a coordinate notation (Lat/Long, MGRS, USNG, etc).

Selection Updates

The way that you work with a selection in the map has been greatly improved in this release. We are adding new tools to help you create selections (drag a rectangle, freehand sketch an area, drag a circle) and introducing a new Clear Selection tool so you can quickly clear the selection you create.

List Widget Updates

The List Widget is a great way to view feature details from a map layer. In the past you could configure the list to display features directly from the data source or from a map selection but working with both was cumbersome. Now you can have the best of both worlds.

When configuring a list you can choose to display the map selection when available. This will filter the list that is normally populated with all features to only those within the map selection. Likewise you can have the list automatically select the top most feature. This helps if you are driving say a feature details widget from a selection in the list widget.

There are a number of additional enhancements coming in this release but we wanted to give you a glimpse into some of the big updates that are coming in March.

We should also mention that within the next couple of days we will be publishing a patch for the Dashboard. Several customers have reported a proxy issue preventing them from being able to use the dashboard effectively and we are pushing a fix out. We will write a separate short blog article to discuss this when the update is available.

Dashboard team

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  1. wh_esri says:

    Hi. Can you give me a direction where I can get the patch for the Dashboard which addresses the proxy issue? Thanks.