Adding websites to your story map map tours

In a recent post we outlined how you can add videos to your story map using the map tour builder. In addition to photos and videos, you can also add websites and other HTML documents. In this post we’ll take a look at how you can extend and enhance your tours with websites.

Step 1: Open your map tour in builder mode

In this example we’ll add a website to an existing tour – a map tour of the Esri Redlands campus. After opening the tour click Switch to builder mode found in the upper right of the application. Note that this is available only if you are the map tour owner:

Step 2: Add the website as a new tour point

Once in builder mode, choose Add:

On the Media tab in the Add a new tour point dialog, choose Video. No, this is not a typo, we’ll be using an “other” option for adding videos to add our website to the tour.

In this example we’ll add the Esri website to our tour. A valid URL is required, as is the URL location for a thumbnail to be used in the map tour gallery ribbon. Click Other, then enter the URL for the website and URL for the thumbnail:

Add a name and caption for the website in the Information tab, and place the tour point on the map using the Location tab. You can change the color if you like to highlight where websites are found on the tour. When finished, click Add tour point:

Step 3: Make any additional changes and save your tour

You can change the location of the website on your tour, change the order of tour stops, and make other changes as desired. When finished save your map tour.

Step 4: View your map tour

You’ve now successfully added a website to your map tour. You can open the tour and view the website when the newly added tour stop is reached. You can view the site in the panel, or click to view the website in fullscreen mode:

For more information

For more information see the Storytelling with Maps website, or view the help provided within the map tour builder.

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  1. cradlecoast says:


    I am been trying to add in the new Google Views | Feature with offers 360 degrees panoramic views. The story map changes the size of the media frame but doesn’t load the feature. Is there a possibility for this to be supported in the future?

    This is the link I have been trying;


    Mark Wisniewski

    • Bern Szukalski says:

      I took a quick look this evening, and experience the same thing you report. I tried a couple of html wrappers around the panorama, but was unable to load it in my html document. This makes me suspect that there is something happening on the Google end of things, but I am not sure what. I’ll try to experiment a bit more, but it seems that somewhere along the line you must open the Google View in the Google Viewer, and other contexts don’t work. Will experiment a bit more, if I figure something out I will do a post on it. I will also pass this on to the dev team, and we’ll try to incorporate whatever we need to do to support this in a future map tour update.

    • Bern Szukalski says:

      One last comment on this thread – be sure to check the Google terms of use whenever thinking to use Google technology in conjunction with ArcGIS story maps. The other day I was experimenting with adding Google StreetView to a map tour, which is easy enough to do, but discovered that it violated the Google terms of use (StreetView cannot be used alongside a non-Google map). So be sure to check the TOUs!

  2. liangxinhuo says:

    How to open your map tour in builder mode, I didn’t find its entry, I want to add this website to my story map

    • Bern Szukalski says:

      I am assuming you are starting with an existing map tour you have made. If so, then first you need to be using a hosted map tour. If you downloaded the source and have hosted it from your own server, you will not have the interactive builder experience. If you are using the hosted map tour, and are the owner of the tour, when you sign in and open the application you will see the large button in the upper right which you can click to enter builder mode.

  3. pmckinneyccpa says:

    I was wondering what all types of content are allowed in “Other” media?

    I’ve see the list include images, videos, URLs. I’m wondering what the limit is.

    - Patrick

    • Bern Szukalski says:

      There are a series of “Adding XYZ to your map tour” blog posts that cover some additional things you can add. I’d recommend just experimenting. A key to success is if you can open the desired content outside the context of a hosting frame. But there are lots of things you can add using the Video option and checking “other” as described in the posts.