Adding CityEngine web scenes to your story map map tours

There’s all sorts of things you can add to your story map map tours, and we’ve covered adding videos and adding websites in previous posts. In this post we’ll venture into the realm of 3D visualization, and outline how you can add CityEngine web scenes to your tours.

Step 1: Open an existing map tour in builder mode

In this example we’ll add a CityEngine web scene to an existing tour, a tour of the Esri Redlands campus. After opening the tour click Switch to builder mode found in the upper right of the application. Note that this is available only if you are the tour owner:

Step 2: Add the CityEngine web scene as a new tour point

Once in builder mode, choose Add:

On the Media tab in the Add a new tour point dialog, choose Video. No, this is not a typo, we’ll be using an “other” option for adding videos to add our web scene to the tour.

In this example we’ll add a CityEngine web scene of the Esri campus. To add the scene to the tour a valid web scene application URL and a thumbnail URL to be used in the map tour gallery ribbon are required. Click Other, then enter the URL for the web scene and URL for the thumbnail:

Add a name and caption for the web scene in the Information tab, and place the tour point on the map using the Location tab. You can change the color if you like to highlight where web scenes are found on the tour. When finished, click Add tour point:

Step 3: Make any additional changes and save your tour

You can change the location of the web scene on your tour, change the order of tour stops, and make other changes as desired. When finished save your map tour.

Step 4: View your map tour

You’ve now successfully added a CityEngine web scene to your map tour. You can open the tour and view the web scene when the newly added tour stop is reached. You can view the scene in the panel, or click to view the web scene in fullscreen mode:


You can use the web scene item thumbnail in your map tour by right-clicking the thumbnail, copying the URL, and pasting it into the thumbnail input discussed in Step 2. Note that the exact choices shown below will vary depending on your browser (Chrome options shown):

If your web scene has bookmarks, you can open the scene in autoplay mode by adding &autoplay=true to the webscene URL.

CityEngine web scenes can take a few moments to load, so it is best to add them sparingly to your tours, and when you add them use small, focused web scenes that open quickly.

For more information

For more information see the Storytelling with Maps website, or view the help provided within the map tour builder.

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