The Seventh Day of Esri Holiday Maps – Joy to the Smartphone

On the seventh day of Esri Holiday Maps, we give to you a map of the potential for an adult to have a smartphone. Smartphones provide a wealth of information right at our fingertips, and enable us to be constantly connected – to e-mail, social networks, shopping deals, calendars, games, and our friends and families. Although early adopters have owned smartphones for years, others are still resisting or are just entering the market. Therefore, a flashy, new smartphone is the perfect gift for the phone junkie who wants the “latest and greatest”, or for the reluctant flip-phone owner on your list.

This map of the US by county shows where adults have a higher potential to have a smartphone. Residents of counties shaded in dark red are more likely to have a smartphone.  New York County, New York, has the highest potential to have a smartphone. Conversely, residents of Sumter County, Florida, and Greensville County, Virginia, are the least likely to have a smartphone.

Esri’s Market Potential data measures the likely demand for a product or service in an area. Esri computes the Market Potential data by combining Esri Tapestry Segmentation and data from consumer surveys conducted by GfK MRI. The Market Potential Index (MPI) values at the US level are 100, representing overall demand. A value of more than 100 represents higher demand, and a value of less than 100 represents lower demand. For more information on Esri Market Potential Data, please visit To see even more Esri Data in ArcGIS Online, please visit the Demographics and Lifestyle Group.

Join us again tomorrow for the next map in Esri’s Twelve Days of Holiday Maps.

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