Esri Maps for Office 2.1.2 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Esri Maps for Office 2.1.2.

Esri Maps for Office is a powerful add-in for Microsoft Office that brings the capabilities of the ArcGIS platform to Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. Esri Maps for Office is available with an ArcGIS Online subscription and makes use of the extensive repository of available geographic information as well as the significant sharing, searching, and collaboration capabilities in ArcGIS Online. 

This version includes the following bug fixes and usability improvements:

  • Enrich Layer tool improvements, such as: more efficient memory usage to handle larger enrichment requests and an improved progress indicator.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Excel to crash after installation of Esri Maps.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed incorrect images in the Search pane.
  • Fixed a bug that caused custom location type lookups to fail in Japanese, Russian, and Chinese languages.
  • Cleaned up localized strings for Key Facts, Wealth, Policy, and Health on the Search pane.

To download the app, watch how-to videos, or get help for Esri Maps for Office, see the app page at

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  1. kalexan says:

    Unfortunately even this version crashes Excel all the time, especially when excel is running other add-ins such as SQL server and data mining connections.

  2. ymaher says:

    I cannot get this feature to work at all. It just says Enriching layer with data – Waiting for responses on enrich requests. Please do not close until enrichment is completed. I have waited for hours but it does not work. I have students undertaking the paid tutorial who will not be able to complete their assessment.