10.2 Updates for Collector and Operations Dashboard Live!

Over the course of this past week we started rolling out updates to the Collector for ArcGIS app and now the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS as well. The Apps team is happy to announce that these updates are now live and ready for you to start to use!

The 10.2 releases bring exciting new features to how you collect and monitor information within your organization…

The Collector has a whole new look and feel that has been optimized to support both tablet and phone form factors, adds exciting new collection capabilities (line/polygon support with GPS streaming, GPS accuracy indicator, continuous collection mode, offset-based collection) and support for Enterprise Logins so you can use your own identity store for establishing named user accounts.

The Operations Dashboard now fully supports your on-premises organization (Portal for ArcGIS). From Esri’s customer care site, you can download a new Utility application that will step you through the process of establishing your own internal deployment for the Dashboard. Please note that this utility will be available later this week (Nov 14th/15th).  The Dashboard is now available in 24 different languages! There are a number of great new enhancements as well (search features in a list widget, label your gauges, support for proxy servers, improved popup support and more). Also note that the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPF has been updated and you should now look to update any add-ins that you have written.

Please look at our new and improved doc site for download locations and read the What’s New sections for the complete list of changes:

Apps Team

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  1. phuls says:

    With the new update for collector, is there a way to record the accuracy into am attribute field when you record a new feature?

    • Jeff Shaner says:

      Unfortunately not yet. We will record accuracy with location tracks however we do not provide a field mapping with the feature layers that you can collect data into. This is something we are considering for a future release. Thanks for your comments!

  2. yewtaah says:

    Any simple post/page/doc that explains what changes need to be made to OperationsDashboard.exe.config with the new update? We have been using Ops Dashboard connected to an enterprise portal install behind the firewall. The update seems to install a separate folder which loses our configuration changes (portalUrl, portalAuthentication, etc).

    After some tinkering, we have been able to get the updates running again and connecting to existing dashboards but base maps are no longer showing up – guessing I missed a setting?

    • tifp says:

      Hi yewtaah,

      The way of connecting to Portal for ArcGIS from Operations Dashboard has changed In 10.2. The start up page of Dashboard now has a textbox where you can specify the url of your portal, and the application will remember the url once you sign in then sign out from it. This enhancement means that you should not edit the config file like the way you set it up in 10.1.

      Regarding the basemap issue, did you mean that the basemap gallery lists no basemaps, or in a map widget the basemap doesn’t render ? it will be great if you could check and see if the behavior is the same when you open a webmap in the browser.



      • yewtaah says:

        We now have these 10.2 Ops Dashboard updates running as a Portal item (as described in “Deploy Operations Dashboard to Portal for ArcGIS” help page). Process was well documented and straight-forward once we obtained the Configuration Utility.

        To clarify from previous post, it is the Basemaps widget in operations dashboard. I’ve also noticed that the Find Places widget stopped working as well. Seems that anything reaching outside of the enterprise has issues with the 10.2 update in our environment. Nothing else has changed – only difference is the 10.2 update.

        Map works fine in Portal
        Map works fine in Ops Dashboard 10.1
        Doesn’t work in Ops Dashboard 10.2

        Can the configuration utility be used with the 10.1 version of Ops Dashboard?

  3. cpggis says:

    Are there any plans to be able to create related records? Ideally we would like to be able to allow users to create features and related tabular records (via relationship classes) through an ArcGIS Online feature service.

  4. timmerspk says:

    Love the update – though I notice dates are displayed without time? ie. we show created_date but it’s only got the day not the time. That’s important from a live mapping point of view. Maybe I’m missing some option… We’re getting very close to an app that can be used straight out of the box on the iPads.

    • russroberts says:

      I would double check your popup configuration and make sure the date field is configured to show the full date and time. If you change the field configuration click on Save Popup and then Save the web map and you can reload the map in the app and it will show the latest changes.


      • timmerspk says:

        Found that out by trial and error. Thanks.

        We’re testing further, comparing with ArcGIS Mobile and I can see Photo resolution is going to be an issue. When you’re using attachments is there a way we’ll be able to limit the size of the attachments? We don’t need 8MP photos 1MP would do.

        ArcGIS Mobile 10.2 is still not ticking all boxes. We have rolled out to ~80 Trimbles though.

        Can’t wait for offline.

      • jakc says:

        Im still getting this issue. Have saved popup and webmap several times in various orders with the expected date format to include the timestamp. However, with a fresh load of Op Dashboard (pointing to the same web map) the popups still dont show the time.

        Any other ideas?
        Can you attempt to replicate at your end please

        • tifp says:

          Hi Jakc, This is a known issue in Native Ops Dashboard. Currently, the DD/MM/YYYY related date formats are not fully supported yet, instead the app will format these dates using the short date setting in your machine’s user locale.

          The team is working on this issue now, meanwhile if you want the time info to be displayed you can configure your popup to use the MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm tt format instead.

          Please also note that only native Ops Dashboard has this problem. If you don’t have a preference to the platform to use, you can open your view in the browser Dashboard and the popup will be displayed correctly


  5. julesrobichaud says:

    It’s looking good and working well on the iPad…the only issue I’ve run into so far is with hyperlink fields that work on the ‘ArcGIS’ mobile application…they still do not get recognized as hyperlinks in Collector for ArcGIS. Are there plans to include hyperlinking functionality in Collector on the iPad? (The hyperlinking does work on Collector on Android phones).

    • russroberts says:

      I can repro the issue. This appears to be an iPad specific issue. I will log a bug into our system.

      Thank you for your feedback.

      • nickharvey says:

        Has this issue been resolved or is there a way to make it work (http:// prefixed hyperlinks not being recognized with an iPAD installation of Collector)? I just ran across this as our field personnel want to see a layer that references web video. Appears to be ok for Android.



        • hanson.kevin says:

          I am having the same issue on iOS for iPhone. I have a reference data map service with a field that features URLs in it. This same field when configured as a pop-up in AGOL web map applications works just great however in the Collector for ArcGIS application there is no hyperlink, just the URL text.

          I am running the following:
          - iPhone 5
          -iOS 7.1.1
          -Collector for ArcGIS version 10.2.5

  6. nnoble says:

    I’ve seen the iOS beta samples that allow for connected/disconnected editing. Is there any kind of dev sample that leverages the collector as a base, or are there any plans for that? Thanks…

  7. yewtaah says:

    Any plans for a web-enabled viewer to be able to share operations views without the need for a desktop install?

    • Jeff Shaner says:

      Yes, In fact we are planning to release a JS Web Viewer with the 10.2.2 update in March. It will still require that you use the Windows version to author an Operation View but you will then have the option of opening and viewing it with either the Windows app or the web app. The web app will be optimized for running across platforms – including touchscreen tablets (iPads, Android Tablets). Just as we are doing with Collector, we will start to blog about this soon. Jeff

  8. fiona says:

    Hi, I am using Collector with ipad. I published my layer in arcgis desktop to use in Collector and argis online. However, I dont want to edit the attribute table in desktop and publish all over again BUT if I configure the pop up (containing my attribute table) in arcgis online and save to my map, will this automatically update the layer and associated web map in Collector?
    Thank you