New ArcGIS for Water Utilities App Configurations

We are pleased to announce three new ArcGIS for Water Utilities app configurations are now available for download.  ArcGIS for Water Utilities is a series of free and easy to deploy configurations that enable the out of the box ArcGIS platform to support common water, wastewater and stormwater workflows.  These new apps bring the total number of ArcGIS for Water Utilities configurations released by Esri so far to 31, with more app configurations currently in development.  The following is a brief overview of the newly released app configurations.

Watering Restrictions

Watering Restrictions is a web application configuration that enables water utilities to communicate with their customers about watering restrictions and permissible watering days.  For example utilities with water usage restrictions can embed this map in their webpage or have it as a stand alone resource so that customers can access water restriction information in an interactive map to help determine with certainty when or if customers can use water to do things like water lawns, wash cars, etc.

Watering Violations

Watering Violations is a configuration of Collector for ArcGIS that enables water utilities to capture watering restriction violations in the field and also to record and view watering violations on a map in a web browser in the office.  For example this app can be provided to utility field crews that are looking for customers that are violating water restrictions or investigating reports of water violations.  Customer service representatives in the office can use the browser based map to record customer submitted tips about potential water violators.  Water utility managers can also use the web browser based map to manage the violation inspection process and to take appropriate action with violators.

Green Infrastructure Verification

Green Infrastructure Verification is a configuration of Collector for ArcGIS to capture or verify green infrastructure locations in the field and a web browser based map of green infrastructure to enable office staff to capture, manage and view information about green infrastructure.  This configuration can be used to support activities such as inspections to support requests for green infrastructure subsidies or to inventory and record green infrastructure in the field.

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