The ArcGIS Runtime SDK 10.2 for Java is now available!

Esri is pleased to announce the 10.2 release of the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java! You can get it now at Just sign up for a free developer subscription, hit the download button and the SDK is yours!

10.2 is a significant release in many ways. There are a few major themes that define what this means to you, the developer:

  1. Increased developer productivity
  2. Stronger and richer capabilities
  3. Expanded platform support
  4. Greater accessibility and “reach” of the SDK


This release takes a great step toward simplifying the API and programming model for common developer tasks such as creating maps with default basemap layers, geocoding tasks and general mapping navigation, just to name a few.

Stronger capabilities

You’ll find improvements in performance with graphics in graphics layers, support for composite marker symbols, dynamic labeling support in DynamicMapServiceLayers, and a new Lat/Lon map grid type. You can read the exhaustive list of improvements in the What’s New section.

Expanded platform support

In this release we are introducing Linux 32-bit support for the first time. This gives developers more deployment opportunities for targeting commodity hardware and more embedded devices.

Greater accessibility

The 10.2 ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java is now freely available to everyone who signs up for a free developers subscription at This allows the SDK to have a wider audience, which is a key goal for Esri; to reach new developers, those that have not traditionally been a part of the Esri developer community. Previously, Java developers were only able to obtain the SDK with a paid EDN subscription.

So there you have it! We invite you now to “go forth and build” great solutions with ArcGIS and Java!

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  1. lsc4dev says:

    I love the new Java API. However, I am using a Mac and would put a Mac version of that API on the wish list.