Introducing the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt!

Esri is pleased to introduce the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt, a new C++ SDK for ArcGIS developers!

Qt is a leading cross-platform application and UI development framework for desktop, embedded and mobile operating systems. Now, for the first time, the ArcGIS platform comes to Qt and C++ developers with this exciting and powerful SDK.

Create new apps that leverage maps, data and analytic functionality in the Cloud or locally on your device or machine, or both. You can also embed these ArcGIS capabilities into existing Qt-based applications.

How can you get it? You can download it for free today at Just hit the download button, sign up for a free developers subscription, and you are ready to go forth and build!

What’s inside?

In this inaugural 10.2 release you’ll find:

  • Rich Analysis APIs and capabilities.
  • Screaming fast display performance
  • Support for secure access to ArcGIS Online services
  • Tons of samples and source code
  • Qt Creator integration and a starter template
  • Online resources and forums on
  • …and more
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