Important Patch Now Available for ArcGIS 10.2

There is an important patch that we wanted to make sure you are aware of…  If you are experiencing crashes when opening Shapefiles, make sure you get this patch (Knowledge Base Article 41680).

At ArcGIS 10.2 there is a shapefile issue which results in a crash. This is caused by a buffer overrun that is most likely to occur when there are large numbers of fields in the dBase file.

The patch to fix this issue is available now for ArcGIS 10.2 for Desktop, Engine and Server users.

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  1. mkerr says:

    The KB article indicates that this issue has to do with Shift JIS (that is Shift Japanese Industrial Standards — related to encoding for Japanese). Could you clarify if the issue concerns users working specifically with Japanese or with all users. Thanks.

  2. Rob Elkins says:

    The patch might benefit all users… The problem shapefiles have a flag in the dBase header that indicates code page conversion may be needed. This, along with multiple fields, exposes the problem. So I encourage you to install the 10.2 Patch. The fix will be part of the upcoming 10.2.1 release.

  3. schum422 says:

    is there an automatic update option for version 10.2? that would be helpful for future versions if it is not an option for version 10.2

  4. kragerud says:

    I second the auto update option. If Adobe can send me and ask me to auto update 3 – 4x per year, if not, per week – why can’t ESRI?

  5. ayman_gis says:

    I have problem with toolbox, when I open toolbox from arcmap or arccatalog it craches, and desktop close with no messages.
    any patch for this?

    • planetsandman says:

      I am having the same issue, has anyone found a solution for this?

      • kymberlyslagowski says:

        After much time with tech support (abotut two days installs and uninstalls), turns out it was the Python folders in the c drive. If you get rid of them and repair, you should be good to go! You could even do a revo uninstall and make it a true uninstall then reinstall (make extra sure the Python folders are gone first).