Announcing the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android v10.2 release!

The long awaited release is finally here!  The ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android team is proud to announce the release of the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android v10.2.  You can download the release here.

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android is the spatial mapping system that powers native Android applications.  It is our goal with this release to provide powerful features to broaden and increase Android mapping applications built with ArcGIS.

New in the API

Some of the new features in ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android 10.2 include:

API Simplification: We introduced a MapOptions class to instantiate a MapView with a pre-defined basemap, zoom level, and map center.

GeometryEngine: Added support for geodesic length, offset, ellipse, and sector operations.

Support for geometries with Z and M values.

New modes for Graphics and Feature layers:  Added support for dynamic and static mode on GraphicsLayer and FeatureLayer for different drawing performance options.

New Feature Interface: Graphic now implements this interface as well as the new Beta GdbFeature class.

New Beta functionality

This release introduces new Beta functionality related to working offline.  This includes the ability to do the following:

TileCacheTask: Clip, export and take tiled map services offline.

GeodatabaseTask: Provided ability to take operational data in hosted feature services offline.

Offline Routing and Geocoding: These tasks work with local locators and networks provisioned on your device.  This requires ArcGIS 10.2.1 locators and networks.


We have made a lot of improvements to the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android.  In past releases the SDK came exclusively as an Eclipse plugin. New at 10.2 the SDK will provide a local files system on disk to allow for easier integration with IDE’s outside of the Eclipse environment as well as local copies of SDK docs, samples, and tools.

New Sample Wizard

We redesigned the New ArcGIS Samples for Android workflow and wizard.  The new samples wizard works with samples in our ArcGIS for Android SDK Samples group on ArcGIS Online (hint: be sure to check the Show ArcGIS Desktop Content under All Results.  This allows us the ability to update and add samples in between release which you can pick up in the Eclipse IDE.

x86 binaries

We added support for x86 binaries which allows you to take advantage of Virtual Machine Acceleration.  We have noticed a significant performance increase in our testing and hope you will enjoy the performance improvements in your testing as well.

SDK Eclipse plugin

The SDK Eclipse plugin is integrated into the downloaded SDK and also provided as a public url updatesite for direct integration within Eclipse.  If you are familiar with installing Eclipse plugins you can use the update site URL as a new Remote Site in Eclipse Software Update dialog.

Visit the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android developers site for more information about ArcGIS Android SDK 10.2. Download the SDK to get started developing or testing with the new version.

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  1. vestanbul says:

    I think using the SDK in other IDEs is great. But is there any documentation option in IDE? I still have problems

  2. Dan O'Neill says:

    Looks like you attached the javadoc to the root javadoc directory. We use a custom doclet which requires you to attach the path from the reference dir. Try adding the following path as javadoc to your global library:


    You should then see the full javadoc with cmd-j on mac or ctrl-q on win.