Google’s ArcGIS Toolbar for the Cloud

Our friends at Google released an integration with the ArcGIS Platform that enables users to access Google Maps Engine content within ArcGIS Desktop.

Once the data is in ArcGIS Desktop, you can use all the advanced visualization and analysis capabilities of ArcGIS Desktop with user content from Google Maps Engine. And since every ArcGIS desktop user has inclusive access to ArcGIS Online, it is straight-forward to publish data to web.

Part of a Community

Core to our belief is that GIS creates shared understanding and positive change in the world. Fundamental is peoples’ ability to quickly and easily access, analyze and share data within their organizations and communities. Through integration with different geospatial data clouds ArcGIS remains pivotal integrating the geospatial web together for accurate and complete maps.

The market for cloud and desktop add-ins to ArcGIS covers a wide range of domains and uses. For example, partners such as Digital Globe created their GeoFUSE add-in for users to quickly and easily search their imagery archive from within ArcMap and Fulcrum has an open-source add-in to pull mobile field-collected data into ArcMap. There are also a growing number of apps available through the ArcGIS Marketplace that extends the capabilities of the ArcGIS platform.

Similarly, Esri has released popular plug-ins to other applications such as Microsoft Office Excel and Powerpoint, or Sharepoint further leveraging the ArcGIS Cloud to make it easy for people to use their maps in regular business tools.

Accessible data is inherent to GIS, which is why we support add-ins for integrating with OpenStreetMap as well as a GeoCommons toolbar to access the global open data community, in addition to the Community Map program.

Open for Integration

Through the use of open standards, developer interfaces, and open-source code we encourage you to explore how integration with ArcGIS can leverage the GIS community of experts within your applications.

With Google’s support of ArcGIS, users of both platforms can easily collaborate. This will have a positive impact on the community’s ability to leverage data from multiple clouds, bring this content together into a common interface, and answer meaningful questions.

Our strategy as a company continues to be building the most stable and interoperable platform for sharing and understanding geospatial knowledge. We welcome the innovation that companies are adding to the world’s largest GIS platform.

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  1. skeetidot says:

    How can you add a layer from the Google Earth Gallery to ArcMap? Is it possible to load the Google Maps basemap into ArcMap?

    • diligentpig says:

      You can try the Portable Basemap Server to add Google Maps to ArcMap. PBS can forward most online maps as service and support OGC WMTS and Esri’s Geo Rest Service specification. So you could add a WMTS service with Google Maps content from PBS into ArcMap :) For testing purpose only.

  2. eggie says:

    ArcMap 10.1 SP1 and ArcMap 10.0 SP5 crashes after enabling extension …Both Win 7 Enterprise 32 bit … :-(

  3. eggie says:

    .. error report already sent to but immediate solution will be appreciated :-)

  4. lawrence1gis says:

    I downloaded the add-in, installed and added the toolbar, however the tool is not activated. How do I sign in and get it active? thanks

  5. peroelle says:

    I’ve activated the toolbar, however my maps are not showing in the Google Maps Engine, and nothing happens when I try a Map Search. Any suggestions, instructions/directions, etc?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

  6. zdemirdjian says:

    hello is there to use google maps as a basemap in ArcGIS Online organizational subscription? if yes, what is the procedure?