Sneak Peek at Updates to the Ocean Basemap

The Ocean Basemap team has always been focused on delivering a high quality cartographic product that fits the needs of our users.  We have been thrilled with the many compliments we have received.  However, we are still working to make the Ocean Basemap the best product we can.  After listening to suggestions from our users, the Ocean Basemap team decided to change the format of the basemap.  We’ve separated the basemap’s annotation into a reference layer.  This change empowers users to choose whether or not to use our annotation in their apps and maps.  Users won’t have to worry about downloading two individual services.  The new Ocean Basemap will simply give users the opportunity to turn off the reference layer.

The formal release of the new Ocean Basemap will go live in November, but until then, we’ve published a beta version that you can access here:  Ocean Basemap Update – Beta Version.  Once the new version of the basemap is officially available on ArcGIS Online, we’ll remove the beta version.

We’re very excited about the new format and hope you are too!  Let us know what you think by sending any suggestions or comments to .

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  1. rdunfey says:

    Looking forward to seeing it, when I try the link in the Map Viewer I get a message that the basemap is unavailable?

    • Caitlyn Raines says:

      Thank you for your interest in our beta version of the new Ocean Basemap. Unfortunately, this morning, owing to system administration activities, the Ocean Basemap Beta Version became unresponsive. These activities are now complete and the services are once again operational.

      Please try viewing these services again and feel free to let us know if you find any other issues. Having user input is important to us and we appreciate you taking the time to explore our preview of the November release!

  2. jbenson says:

    It is great to separate the annotation from the basemap. I can see this for the online and explorer versions, but in the Open in ArcGIS 10 for Desktop, the package opens but the basemap has a red x with no display. The annotation is there, but not the basemap. I am using ArcGIS 10.2 desktop. I don’t think this should matter. I’m looking forward to the “clean” version of the basemap.