ArcGIS Data Reviewer Offer Extended for Community Maps Contributors

Esri is again offering a special software promotion to Community Maps Program contributors.  The ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Desktop extension is being offered for the cost of maintenance to organizations who contribute content to the Program.  With ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Desktop, contributors will be able to validate and review their data to make necessary correction, thereby ensuring they contribute the highest quality data possible to the program.  This promotion was offered in 2012 with great success and has been requested to continue for new contributors.

“We’re seeing a new confidence in data submissions from those contributors who run validations prior to upload.  This greatly expedites their contribution process allowing the Esri Content team to integrate data into the maps on ArcGIS Online quicker.  Configuring and running batch jobs in ArcGIS Data Reviewer extension can be a simple and effective way to qualify data for contributing to the Program as well as increasing data reliability used at the organization. ”  – Seth Sarakaitis – Esri Community Maps Project Manager

Using Data Reviewer, contributors can quickly navigate to the source of the issue, assess whether a correction is necessary and manage the status of these issues using one or more of Data Reviewer’s reporting tools.  Data Reviewer’s results will help expose the needles in the haystack and make for a quicker return of updates and an earlier publication time for the participant’s content in the ArcGIS Online basemaps.

“We have Data Reviewer as part of our ELA.  I was initially introduced to Data Reviewer by the Community Maps staff as part of the Beta program, prior to that it was on my list of “things to look into”.  I use Data Reviewer to automate data QA checks periodically.  The returns from the QA check allow me to prioritize any data issues based on the rule sets that I have configured.  I’m able to address any major issues right away and work on others over time.  The repeatable QA check ensures that my data is continually improving and so too are my basemaps.” – Leon Scott, GIS Manager for Town of Dedham Massachusetts

This offer for ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Desktop for the cost of maintenance is available to active participants, those who have signed up and been approved by Esri to submit data through the online contribution registration site at  This offer will end on December 31, 2013!

Please contact your Account Manager or the Community Maps Team at for more details.

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