ArcGIS for Windows Mobile 10.2 released!

The Mobile team has released version 10.2 of ArcGIS for Windows Mobile and it is now available from our Customer Care Portal! You can sign in and download it right now!Here are a few of the key new features in this release:

  • Search Task enhancements – as a field manager you can define how the field worker searches for data in their map. We have improved that capability so that when a field worker taps on a query that it will prompt them to enter a value for a specific field. This is called a “user defined” field.
  • Feature Editing Control – a common field task is the need to update the information about an asset or feature in the field. As a field manager, a common request is to restrict the editing to the form/attributes only and not allow the field worker to change the location of the feature. So now as a field manager, when you define the editing behavior for a layer in the Mobile Project Center you can constrain updates to attributes only.
  • Improved Routing capabilities – using the Streetmap For Mobile data, you can route and geocode to the location of your field work using the Windows version of the field app when fully disconnected from a network. With this release we have improved the way we solve a route. Often the location that you want to route to is off-road and if in a rural location it could be far away from the road network. We have exposed the search radius so when trying to solve a route in remote areas you can bump up the search distance.
  • Improved Address search – using the Streetmap for Mobile data you can now search for address locations or even cross streets when fully disconnected from a network. This greatly improves the overall experience of searching for and routing to your field work.

Both the ArcGIS for Windows Mobile app install and the Runtime SDK are available for download. All 10 supported languages are available (English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Happy Mobilizing!

Mobile Team


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  1. dedge says:

    Where’s the list of all the enhancements?
    I’m really hoping you guys paid attention to the forums and the ideas site and fixed the issues with windows 8 tablets.

    Fingers crossed…

  2. nicholasrg says:

    I think you guys have really done a great job with this software and I’d really like to put it to use, but I just can’t find practical application for it without support for relationships. Any chance that’s been included this time around?

  3. tim_donoyou says:

    Great news – thanks very much.

    Quick question – has on-the-fly transformation from WGS84 to other co-ordination systems been resolved?



  4. mg82891776 says:

    I am enquiring about the pending fix to project to our local state plane coordinate system from WGS84. Has this been resolved in this release?

  5. vapte says:

    Thanks to the team for good changes in this release especially Camera resolution option to the user and Edit Geometry/Attributes, Collect New and Delete as separate options in MPC.

    Is there any way I can see comprehensive list of fixes and new features included in this release?


  6. alwynsmit says:

    Dear ESRI Mobile team,

    Our main gdb on our server is still 9.3.1 and we will move over to 10.2 in 2014. We have bought ArcGIS Moble 10.2 and have loaded ArcGIS 10.2 on one office pc so long. I’m creating a version from our data to be checked out to the tablet mobile device, creating Global Id’s etc. When I create a replica of my data to be checked out to my mobile device I struggle and it does not seem to work. Do you perhaps have a detailed step by step manual you can send me which I can follow?


  7. jauman says:

    Where is the install now? It does not show up on customer care now (

  8. nacharya says:

    My Name is Namrata Acharya. I want to learn about ArcGIS for window Moble. Isn’t it free?

    Thank you.


  9. expertuser says:

    Is there a iOS version of this app to be run on a IPAD AIR 2 device?

  10. geostuv02 says:

    Will it work on 10.3.1 and windows 10??

    I can’t find the Mobile Toolbox when I install Mobile 10.2. on ArcGIS 10.3.1. ??

    • brianddurham says:

      Were you able to figure this out? I’m currently looking in to the same issue.

      • fish1ric says:

        Same issue. And an import of the 10.2.2 mobile toolbox has red crosses and one can not edit the two tools to update them. We still use this toolbox it is very important but missing in 10.3.1. There is some info on 10.4 where one must request a patch from ESRI support to get the tool ????