Collector v10.2 is coming soon!

There have been a number of questions coming in about the next update for Collector and we are happy to announce that we are putting the finishing touches on an update now and it should be in your hands later this month!

Here is a preview of what is coming…

Application Ux Changes

We have made great strides in improving the overall look and feel of the app. This update is tablet friendly so we encourage you to install on your iPad or Android tablet when it comes out. For Apple users, the update looks great on iOS7.

Enhanced Data Collection Capabilities

As promised, we are extending our data capture support to lines and polygons so now you can collect point, line and polygon shapes. In addition to tapping on the map or tapping on the GPS to capture a location you can now capture lines and polygon boundaries on the go using GPS streaming. If you are using GPS we will show you the accuracy of the receiver as well so you can get a sense of its quality when collecting data.Finally we have added some optimizations for copying and collecting features similar to one another as well.

Enterprise Logins

You can now leverage enterprise logins with ArcGIS Online. So if your organization is using an enterprise identity provider, Collector will authenticate you.

Here are a few screenshots of the new user experience for Collector 10.2…

Mobile Team

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  1. cameronwallace says:

    Looks like some great updates, with one notable one missing, the ability to collect data while offline.
    Any idea on timelines for offline capability? There was some mention of it in “an upcoming release”, and I know for me and many others, that’s a make or break it feature when considering implementation….

  2. esri4591 says:

    How about offline capability? Please let us know

  3. Jeff Shaner says:

    Regarding the comments asking about offline capabilities – we are busy working through the Ux designs for this now and it will be our primary focus for the 10.2.1 release of Collector. Look for it to come early in 2014.

    Late this month our ArcGIS Runtime SDKs for both the iOS and Android platforms will release v10.2. With this release will come a sneak peak into the offline capabilities we will be including in the Collector early next year. The SDKs will include beta APIs that developers can use to take operational and basemap layers offline, create and edit features within feature layers and synchronize changes with a feature service along with much more.

    • swardd says:

      It’s great to hear off-line support is coming! Are there similar plans to support related tables in the future?

      • speedy32 says:

        Yes there are. The underlying framework (ArcGIS Runtime SDKs, Feature Services and now Hosted Feature Services) support standalone and related tables. We are in early designs for including related tables into the popup Ux across the system. If you have specific requirements that you would like to see met, please send me an email with details (

    • esri4591 says:

      Jeff, Thank you very much for your update. Could I ask you for release plan of “Explorer for ArcGIS” app? Still in Q4/2013 or not? Which month? Has Offline Editing Capability?

      • speedy32 says:

        Unfortunately no. We do not have a definite date for the release of Explorer yet but it will definitely not make Q4/2013. We are making significant improvements to how you work with maps and Explorer for ArcGIS will be one of our first apps to release these new capabilities. Our intent is for it to include working with maps when disconnected however it is important to keep in mind that each of our apps have a focused set of user workflows that they satisfy. Collector is focused on satisfying the field data collection needs of an organization and Explorer for ArcGIS is focused on the map viewing, planning and collaboration needs. Look for details on our Explorer schedule early in 2014. Thanks.

    • ebonan says:

      Happy to hear this new! a lot of project waiting for this!

  4. callahb says:

    Will these all these enhancements also be available via the ArcGIS for Android (iOS,Windows) App or is the focus going to be on Collector?

    • speedy32 says:

      No they will not. The Collector App will grow to include more and more capabilities focused on satisfying field data collection workflows moving forward. The ArcGIS app does not have this focus. In fact we will be adding minimal enhancements to it moving forward. We will introduce a new app titled Explorer for ArcGIS that will eventually supersede and replace the ArcGIS app. Capabilities coming in the Explorer app include the ability to create and view maps, redline on top of your map and create/play presentations. The goal is to have both the ArcGIS app and the Explorer app compliment each other on your device. Explorer for ArcGIS will be released in 2014.

      • callahb says:

        An advantage of the ArcGIS App is that it does not require an ArcGIS Online acct for our hundreds of users. We can deploy and use services directly from our own AGS installations and manage credentials within our own infrastructure. How is ESRI going to continue to support this need coupled with a need for disconnected editing in a mobile environment?

  5. cvicter says:

    There is any plan to make ArcGIS Online and collector work with domain and coded values on feature services? That would be really good to apply surveys, using Collector!

    • Jeff Shaner says:

      This is a great question. Today there are 2 primary ways that you can create a Hosted Feature Service within ArcGIS Online:
      1. Share As Service wizard from ArcMap
      2. Directly within ArcGIS Online (from scratch, from a CSV/Shapefile, etc)

      If you use approach #1 above and the datasource is a geodatabase then all of your coded value domains, range domains, field aliases, default values, etc will be carried over into the Hosted Feature Service.

      If you choose approach #2 above then there is no way for you to establish domains for a field, coded and default values, etc. These are capabilities within the web site that we do intend to grow moving forward (so yes there are plans). However the approach that you need to take today to satisfy this need is to publish from ArcMap.

      Also for others looking at comments, “speedy32″ and “Jeff Shaner” are indeed the same person. I unfortunately signed in with a different account when replying above. My apologies for any confusion it may have caused.

  6. bfstrachan says:

    How soon is soon for collector 10.2?

    • Jeff Shaner says:

      We are done with our final certification for both iOS and Android and will be submitting to the App Store this week. Approval time for Apple is approximately 1 week so look for updates to be available in the stores for Halloween.

  7. esolano says:

    I’ve been experimenting with Collector for canvassing and so far it does the job. Point capture is, at this point all my organization requires, I really could use offline capabilities so I’m glad that is coming soon, I hope is really soon though. I just have a question, can the Collector work with existing data allowing selecting a point and updating or adding existing fields in addition of only being able of creating and editing fields of data created with the Collector? Many situations in real world require both options, not just collecting new data. Overall, very pleased with the app!

    • Jeff Shaner says:

      Yes it can. Take a look at the editor settings for a feature service here . The Collector will honor those settings. So you could publish a feature service that would only allow the Collector to edit attributes of an existing feature if you would like. Glad to hear that you like the app!!

  8. rmangan says:

    If I create an edit-ready layer & map on ArcGIS online, & share it with everyone, is there a way for the public to use Collector to add & edit features? I guess my question is, do you need an ArcGIS online subscription to use Collector?

    We’re evaluating AGOL & Collector for community environmental reporting. Just curious if this is at all feasible.

    • Jeff Shaner says:

      The Collector is targeting users within your organization that are contributing to your GIS. It is not designed for crowd sourcing of information. The Collector takes advantage of the named user account to provide meaningful information during the collection process. Using Editor tracking for a feature service (see topic in the link in my previous comment above), Collector will automatically populate the named user identity when a feature is created or updated in the app.

      At this time, we do not have a COTS crowd sourcing app nor plans to build one. A crowd sourcing app should be branded by the organization so that citizens can find and download it. It should integrate into your business processes as well. For this type of solution we do have a great partner in CitySourced that can work with you. See for more information.

  9. verweyp says:

    Are there plans to make a Collector app for Windows Phone and Windows 8 Pro?

  10. ssantovasi says:

    Jeff, It looks like you and the team have been very busy. Very excited about the revisions and updated Collector app. Offline capabilities and imagery service tile caching will be a true game changer. Keep pushing it forward.

  11. vapte says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Any news on when 10.2.1 will be released with Offline Editing and Tile Caching capabilities?

    • Jeff Shaner says:

      vapte – our current plan is to release these capabilities in early March. It will be a part of a larger release of the ArcGIS system (10.2.2). So we will be changing the version number of Collector to 10.2.2 to match and hopefully avoid confusion as well!

      Leading up to the release I will be posting a number of blogs that will talk about capabilities and workflows for disconnected editing with Collector. Looking for topic ideas/questions…

  12. davidrichey_lcog says:

    Is there any capability for cutting or merging polygons?