ArcGIS Runtime SDK 10.2 Oktoberfest

The new ArcGIS Runtime SDKs for 10.2 are almost here! And they’re full of new capabilities to help you stay productive when building and deploying your apps. Plus, with this release, the much-anticipated offline API will be available in beta!

Deep Dive into the New Features at 10.2

New 10.2 features include: geodesic polygons, oAuth, PKI security and federated services, enhanced geometry operations and much more.

More Power

We see huge performance enhancements with the display, making these maps some of the fastest maps your users will ever interact with.

More Devices

It seems like everyday a new device gets released into the market! Given all the platforms ArcGIS Runtime supports, chances are you’ll find the support you need for your selected device. Qt and Mac OS X get released and are ready for production!


Portal for ArcGIS

Connect to your Portal for ArcGIS instance, which has been secured with your preferred mechanism (PKI, HTTP/IWA or token security), and be sure to access it from your Runtime apps. Federate your servers to allow users credentials to flow through the system giving a smoother and more integrated user experience.

Beta Offline API

Finally, the offline API will be arriving. Now you can create apps that take your data offline, edit the data, and sync your changes back to the server. Keep in mind this feature is currently in beta at 10.2, so it will not quite be ready for prime time. The 10.2.1 release in Q1 2014 is when this functionality will be officially supported. Until then, you won’t be able to deploy and distribute your applications using offline capabilities, but we wanted to give you an early look at the API.

The Oktoberfest of ArcGIS Runtime SDK releases are almost here. Sign up for a free developer account and you will get access to all the resources you need to develop your applications. Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements, and be sure to follow us on Twitter @ArcGIS_Runtime.


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  1. pierre.k says:

    Where can I download the SDK with offline beta functionality? I signed up for the dev account, but cannot find the relevant download link anywhere on the developer site.

    • Al Pascual says:

      From the blog post: The new ArcGIS Runtime SDKs for 10.2 are almost here!
      The release is coming, the blog post is to make sure you are ready. Keep an eye on the blog roll, or you developers account as they’ll be available there.

      • pierre.k says:

        Yeah, it was the “Finally, the offline API has arrived. Now you can create apps that take your data offline” bit that got me slightly confused me again..

  2. lsc4dev says:

    Hi Al.
    Great name. Sounds like we need to invite you next year. :-)
    Cheers. Lars

  3. xlhomme says:

    Is there functionnality like LocalImageService ?

  4. shekhawatravi says:

    can you please give more insight about, what all are the major functionalists and enhancements ArcGIS Runtime SDK 10.2 will have. Especially JAVA SDK.

    • Eric Bader says:

      Glad you asked!
      There are 20+ major items we can address, but that would be too long a reply.
      The major items are:
      - Support for virtualized environments: VMWare and Remote Desktop
      - Support for 32-bit Linux (Red Hat, Ubuntu)
      - DirectX 11 support
      - OAuth support for accessing Portal and Online
      - API Simplification: new methods and classes for increased developer productivity
      - Enriched API for controlling the labeling properties in dynamic map services
      - Geodesic support in the geometry engine
      - Enhanced API for coordinate conversions
      - Lat/Lon Grid type has been added
      - Enhanced performance of graphics layers
      - BETA: offline use of maps, geocoding, routing, geodatabases, geodatabase sync, stuff you’ve heard a LOT about….
      - ….and a lot more. Stay tuned.

  5. allison_mck says:

    Just needing clarification – am I correct in interpreting that the ArcGIS Runtime SDK 10.2 will *include* a beta version of Offline API?… and the release of ArcGIS Runtime SDK 10.2 is imminent(?), therefore we should be able to explore the Offline API functionality with this 10.2 release (albeit at Beta) very soon? Thanks very much, Allison