A “magnifique” update to the World Topographic Map

The September 2013 World Topographic Map release includes a significant update to the entire country of France.  Data for the update comes from the best available authoritative sources, including IGN BD ADRESSE and IGN BD TOPO, along with commercial data from NAVTEQ and INTERMAP.

A major update covering all of France!

This update for France includes comprehensive coverage of the whole country at the World Topographic Map’s largest scale – 1:1028.  Previously, only France’s major cities were displayed in the map at this scale.

Previous basemap in top half, updated map in bottom half.

28 million building footprints from the most accurate vector database – BD TOPO!

One of the most remarkable features of this update is the building footprint contribution from the French Mapping Institute (IGN) database, BD TOPO.   Now, at scales from ~1:18K to ~1:4K, you are able to display about 28 million accurate building footprints, a huge increase in detail from the previous version of the map.

Previous basemap in top half, updated basemap with detailed building footprints in bottom half.

100% ArcGIS made

In the process of completing this major update the Esri France Content and Online Services Team cached more than 1TB of JPEG tiles with ArcGIS. This is six times larger than the previous cache covering the same area.  All the maps were created with ArcGIS for Desktop 10.1 combined with the World Topographic Map template. The caches were produced with ArcGIS for Server 10.1.

French Mapping Institute (IGN) as the main contributor

We are quite honored to welcome the French Mapping Institute (IGN) as the major Esri Community Maps data contributor for France.  Esri France collaborated with IGN to build this highly detailed basemap which will be an important tool for anyone needing an attractive and accurate general purpose basemap for France, at country-wide, regional and even local scales.

For more information on this recent update, contact Esri France or the Esri Community Maps team.



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