What’s New in ArcGIS Online (September 2013)

It’s time to refresh your browser - ArcGIS Online has been updated with the following new features and enhancements. This update includes changes and additions for authoring and configuring web maps, new and enhanced application templates, and enhancements to organization administration.

Introducing ArcGIS Marketplace

ArcGIS Marketplace provides a way for your organization to discover and access apps and data to use within the ArcGIS platform. ArcGIS Marketplace is your one stop destination to discover offerings from Esri, Esri Distributors, and authorized Esri Business Partners.

Apps and data in ArcGIS Marketplace are specifically designed to leverage, enhance, and extend what your organization can do with ArcGIS Online. ArcGIS Marketplace includes both free and paid apps (including free trials). For more information, visit the ArcGIS Marketplace.

Map Viewer Improvements

Improved access to Esri map layers
You can access a gallery of Esri map layers directly from the Add button on the ArcGIS.com map viewer.

Esri map layer categories include Imagery, People, Earth, and Life. Additional content will be added as it becomes available. For more information, see Adding Esri map layers.

Reorder map layers through drag and drop
You can now drag and drop layers to reorder the map contents. For more information, see Organizing layers.

Refresh interval for dynamic layers
If your map includes a layer that may be updated while the map is open (for example, when crews in the field are collecting data or when web sources or feeds are updated) you can set a refresh interval for the layer.

Enabling a refresh interval keeps your maps in sync with the latest data while the map is open in a browser, desktop application, or device. You can enable a refresh interval between 6 seconds and one day. For more information, see Setting refresh interval.

CityEngine Web Viewer

Improved geocomments
Geocomments created by the web scene author are symbolized differently and can be displayed independently of other comments.

Improved performance
Performance for selection and navigation has been improved when working with scenes containing many features.

For more information see Using CityEngine Web Viewer.

Story Maps and Template Apps

Enhanced Map Tour template
Videos can now be added to new and existing Map Tours. The interactive builder guides you through adding videos hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, and other sources.

Map tours can now also be opened at a specific point along the tour by referencing the tour stop. For more info on other enhancements and improvements see the release notes on GitHub.

Enhanced Storytelling Swipe template
You can now include a scene navigation tool that take users to a specific location and displays notes. For additional enhancements and improvements see the release notes on GitHub.

Changes to web app template gallery
Compare maps, Search maps, Side by Side Viewer, Storytelling Tabbed, and Twitter Timeline templates for creating web mapping applications have been retired from the web app template gallery. They are still available in ArcGIS Online as Web Mapping Application items you can find and download using Search.

ArcGIS Basemaps, Layers, Tools

Updated basemaps
Basemaps include updated content for Australia and New Zealand. The World Imagery basemap nwo includes DigitalGlobe content. See the ArcGIS Online blog for the latest information on basemap updates.

Additional landscape layers
Forty new image layers are available that focus on critical habitat, species range, and soils. In addition, four new dynamic map layers are available, including hazardous waste, aquifers, and coal fields. The landscape layers are in beta but are available to all ArcGIS Online users with an organizational account.

Enhancements to network analysis
Performance has been improved for service area analysis with overlapping polygons and the traffic map display. The closest facility and service area output results now include additional attribute information from input features.

Organization Administration

Enhancements to Enterprise Logins
Help includes steps for configuring OpenAM 10.1.0 and NetIQ Access Manager 3.2 as enterprise providers. For more information, see Setting up Enterprise Logins.

HTML authoring of organization description
The organization description field now includes a View HTML Source option to make it easier to use HTML to format and add text and images. For more information, see Supported HTML for configuring the website.

Other Enhancements

Photo item URLs
When you add an image file to ArcGIS Online, the details page displays the URL of the image once it is shared publicly. You can use the URL to reference the image in web apps, web map pop-up windows, and so on.

For more information, see Adding files from your computer.

Additional languages
Czech and Finnish are now available as language options for viewing the website. Language determines the user interface as well as the way time, date, and numerical values appear. For more information, see Setting language and region.

For more information about this release, and previous releases, see What’s New?

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  1. jayzzzzz says:

    Any documentation on how to embed a video on maptour would be appreciated.

  2. ciava.at says:

    Hi Bern, if I have set Language Italian in organization and I create a template I haven’t avaliable the textarea ‘configuration parameters’ for set my parameters. Seems that doesn’t maintain the purpose setting ‘Configurabile’. If I set language English I see textarea ‘configuration parameters’