Using Online Data in ArcPad 10.2

Online ServicesIn ArcPad 10.2, users have more options than ever before for using online data when working in a connected environment. If you have data coverage in the field, or are only connected when you are in the office, there are many ways for you to take advantage of online data and incorporate it into your ArcPad projects. ArcPad 10.2 includes support for ArcGIS Server feature services, ArcGIS Online hosted feature services, ArcGIS Online Map Services and ArcPad Packages.

Feature Services:

ArcPad 10.2 supports synchronizing to feature services created using ArcGIS Server 10, 10.1 and 10.2. Read more about Feature Services.

ArcPad 10.2 also supports ArcGIS Online Hosted Feature Services. Read more about ArcGIS Online Hosted Feature Services.

Some key differences between these feature services with relevance to ArcPad projects are outlined below:

Behaviour relevant to feature synchronization ArcGIS Server 10.0 feature services ArcGIS Server 10.1 and 10.2 feature services ArcGIS Online Hosted feature services
Related tables No Yes Yes
Map extent Full Map Map
Editor tracking No Yes Yes
Incremental download No (always full download) Yes (with editor tracking only) No
Incremental upload Yes Yes Yes

A Note on Editing Permissions with ArcGIS Online Hosted Feature Services: Hosted Feature Services with editing restricted to Update feature attributes only and Add features only are not supported in ArcPad 10.2 and will be downloaded as read-only. Hosted Feature Services that Track Edits where Editors can only update and delete the features they add are not supported in ArcPad 10.2 and will be downloaded as editable without restrictions.

(There will be a blog post featuring a step-by-step of using feature services in ArcPad 10.2 coming soon! Watch this space!)

ArcGIS Online Map Services:

Use the Add Data From Server tool in ArcPad to browse for ArcGIS Online Map Services to use as basemaps in your ArcPad projects. Browse to the Map Services URL ( included in the drop-down list for the ArcGIS Basemaps, select your service and download the basemap tiles onto your device. Read more about ArcGIS Online Map Services.

ArcGIS Online Map Services

ArcGIS Online Map Services

ArcPad Packages:

Use ArcGIS Online to store and distribute your ArcPad projects. Build templates which can be downloaded by multiple users, package field edits and upload them for office use or simply upload a checkout to download to your device without tethering to your PC. Use the new ArcPad packages menu to download, update and add ArcPad packages and templates to ArcGIS Online. Read more about ArcPad Packages.

ArcPad Packages

ArcPad Packages

A Note on the ArcPad Extension for ArcGIS Server: The ability to sync with feature services replaces the ArcPad Server Extension. In ArcPad 10.2 you can still use and synchronize ArcGIS Server ArcPad Services created with either the ArcGIS Server ArcPad 8 or ArcPad 10 Extensions that already exist on your device, or that have been placed on the device manually using a file browser.

Of course, ArcPad still supports working in a completely disconnected / offline environment, but there are now more options to use online data if you are working in a connected environment (even if it is only when you get back into the office at the end of the day!).

- The ArcPad Team

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  1. adaminglis says:

    Is ArcPad still the software package of choice for collecting survey grade field data, or can this role be now filled by Collector App?