Getting Started with Esri Landscape Layers

The image services for landscape layers being published by Esri to ArcGIS Online are a valuable new source of application ready data content.  More than 60 of these services are accessible right now through an ArcGIS Online organization account. The layers can be used in the map viewer or ArcGIS for Desktop – just like other content you access on ArcGIS Online. Right now, these layers are in beta development, so you won’t be charged credits for using them. Take a look, I think you’ll find the layers open many opportunities for visualization and analysis.

Here are 5 easy steps for accessing the landscape layers group:

First, you need to be logged into using your organizational account.

Second, in the search box on the top right, enter landscape layers AND in the dropdown menu select Search for Groups. Then click Enter.

Search for landscape layers and Groups

Third, when the search results come back empty (0 results), don’t despair. You need to uncheck the Only search in <your organization’s name> box.
Uncheck Only search in your organization's name box

Fourth, the top result should be the Landscape Layers group. Click that group and voilà, you have entered the world of Landscape Layers.
Click the Landscape Layers group

Fifth, you can start exploring and using the many landscape layer services by using the standard techniques available through For example, click the thumbnail to open the map in, or click Open for more options for accessing the service, or click Details to learn more about the service.

Explore the available landscape layers

We are looking forward to hearing about how you are using the Landscape Layers as well as any suggestions for improving them. We will be adding new layers at regular intervals so be sure to look for updates in this blog or at the Landscape Forum.

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  1. duanegriffin says:

    Looks great, but when I click “Open this service in:…ArcGIS Desktop,” I get:
    {“error”:{“code”:499,”message”:”Token Required”,”details”:[]}}
    Not ready for prime time?

  2. richardnauman says:

    To use the Landscape Layers in ArcGIS for Desktop you need version 10.1 service pack 1 or newer. If the version of your desktop license and service pack are not the problem post a question on the Landscape Maps and Data Forum.
    Richard Nauman