Next Generation Business Analyst Online Q&A

Many of you are asking the same questions about the New Business Analyst Online, so I thought it might be helpful to have a little Q&A session of your most frequently asked questions.  So here goes…

How many points can I import?

There is no limitation on the number of imported points; however, for Excel files, the maximum file size is 1 MB and for zipped Shapefiles, the maximum file size is 3 MB.

Is the data in the new version of Business Analyst Online for the United States only? Can I run reports for other countries?

Currently Business Analyst Online only contains U.S. data and reports; however, data for other countries will soon be available.

Are the Census 2010, 2000 and 1990 data available in Business Analyst Online?

Census 2010 data and reports are included in Business Analyst Online.  There is a limited number of Census 2000 data in Business Analyst Online that can be used in color-coded and smart map search analysis. Census 1990 data is not included in the application.    

Will I need to purchase a separate subscription in order to access data and reports for other countries when they are available in Business Analyst Online?

No, you will be able to access the USA and all other available counties data and reports with your current subscription.

Where is the American Community Survey (ACS) data? 

New ACS data will be available soon for mapping and reports.  The ACS data will include the Margin of Error (MOE) that enables you to measure the range of uncertainty around each estimate and the popular Reliability toggle to give you some perspective on the MOE.

What happened to the screenshot tool that was in the legacy version of Business Analyst Online?

The screenshot tool and the PDF tool have been combined in the new version.

  • Click the PDF button in the tool palette and click the Image tab.

How can I display geographic borders and labels on top of Color-Coded Maps?

Geographic boundaries and labels and be turned on and off under the More Maps button.

  • Click the More Maps button, from the More Maps dialog box, click Boundaries.
  • In the Boundaries dialog box, click on the check box for the border and/or label you want and it appears on the map.

How can I rename and edit my previously created sites?

You can rename, edit and manage your sites by selecting the My Content – My Sites tab under Maps.

  • Click the check box to the left of the site and the pop-up appears with options to rename, edit, move and delete.

How can I create reports for the entire United States?

You can select the entire United States as geography under Maps – Define Areas for Reports – Select Geographies.

  • Click the Select from Full List button on Step one of the workflow and then click the Entire Country icon.

What are credits and why do I need them?

Business Analyst Online is based on an annual subscription and includes a number of ArcGIS Service Credits depending on the pricing plan purchased.  Service credits are the currency for Business Analyst Online and are consumed when you use certain services, such as running reports, geocoding, color-coding a map and smart map search analysis.

What can I do with 2500 credits?

You can run about 200 reports.

What can I do with 12,500 credits?

You can run about 1,000 reports.

What happens if I run out of credits?

You can add additional service credits to your subscription at any time.  Additional credits can be purchased in blocks of 1,000 for $100 ($.10 per credit).

How can I see how many credits I’ve used or have left?

To see the status of your subscription, verify that you are signed in to and that you are an administrator of your organization.

  • From the top of the site, click the My Organizations button.
  • Click the View Status link under the Subscription Status section located on the right side of the page.
  • You can view information about your account including the number of credits remaining.
  • You can also view statistics for how many credits you have used by service type.

You can find the complete list of frequently asked questions in the Business Analyst Online application listed under Help – FAQs.

Keep those questions coming because we love hearing from you.

Til next time.

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