Increasing Preparedness Using the My Hazard Information Application

Sharing information with the public in a map form on the hazards they face is a great way to help increase preparedness.  We are proud to announce the release of the My Hazard Information application as a part of our ArcGIS 10.2 update to help you get out your preparedness message.  This application can be configured with various hazard data (flood zones, evacuations zones, hazardous facilities, etc.) along with other resources that are available (hospitals, shelters, cooling centers, warming centers, etc.).

Users of the application simply search for their address, click on the map, or use the locate tool.

Based on the location entered, you will see the results presented at the bottom.  Each hazard zone that you are in or resource that is within proximity will be displayed in the information panels at the bottom of the application.

You can click on any of the entries to see where those are on the map or even get directions.

Also this release has been developed using responsive design and will work well on Smartphones.

To get started with the application you can download it here.  The first step is to publish the appropriate data you would like to configure with the application.  This includes both the data you want to intersect the location with and also the single service to overlay on top of the map.  The next step is to configure the application with the appropriate map services.  This can come from your own ArcGIS for Server services, ArcGIS Online services, or remote services (such as the FEMA Flood Hazards).

Once you have the application published you can register the application with your ArcGIS Online Organization or Portal site.  If you have downloaded our ArcGIS Online for Emergency Management model organization you will already have some of the key groups set up that you can share the application with such as Featured Apps, Gallery, Public Maps and Apps, Mitigation, Public Information,  and ESF #15 – External Affairs.

Note that this application has been certified to work with both services coming from ArcGIS for Server and/or ArcGIS Online hosted feature services.

We hope this is valuable to you.  We look forward to hearing your feedback and seeing the app in use!

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  1. bretwhiteley says:

    We are very interested in implementing this app for our District. However, we have not migrated to 10.2 yet, still on 10.1 SP 1 for both desktop and server. Is this a limiting factor, or can we make it work?

  2. Jeff Baranyi says:

    @bretwhiteley – Yes, you can use the 10.2 application with your ArcGIS 10.1 software. Note that Local Government Schema, map services, and application are different at 10.2.. You should use the 10.2 services and schema for with the 10.2 app. (i.e. the app will not work with 10.1 services\schema out of the box with the 10.2 application.) For more information on the Legacy Geocoding and Legacy Routing Services and what that means for ArcGIS for Local Government please read this blog