ArcPad 10.2 Released!

ArcPad 10.2 is now released!

We are pleased to announce the release of ArcPad 10.2.

This release of ArcPad improves synchronization with the ArcGIS platform and speeds data collection in the field with new automation options. Here are some highlights:

  • Add a feature service URL to your existing ArcPad Project and synchronize edits with hosted or on-premises GIS.
  •  Directly open ArcGIS feature services in ArcPad and synchronize edits with hosted or on-premises GIS.
  • Automate attribute capture with a Quick Fields option, which can be customized to autopopulate any field during data collection.
  • Store ArcPad projects and QuickProject templates as an ArcPad package in ArcGIS Online for sharing.
  • Browse ArcGIS Online from inside ArcPad with the ability to select and download a project or template, creating an easy, collaborative workflow.

Visit the Esri Customer Care Portal to download and install ArcPad 10.2.

For product documentation and other information about ArcPad 10.2, see the ArcPad Resource Centre.

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  1. shouyi says:

    Do I have to install ArcMap 10.2 to work with ArcPad 10.2?

    • marika says:

      ArcMap (any version) is only required if you wish to check out and in data with the ArcPad Data Manager.
      When installing ArcPad 10.2 the same ArcPad Data Manager files will be installed whether you are using ArcMap 10.0, 10.1, or 10.2.

  2. kurtha says:

    Does the “Only get features specified in the layer’s definition query” work now, or does it still just check everything out, and uses the definition query within the .axf?

  3. yankees2009 says:

    I am using Desktop 10.2 but still have ArcPad 10.0. The ArcPad Data Manager toolbar is now greyed out. Does the ArcPad Data Manager toolbar (version 10.0) no longer work in Desktop 10.2? Do I need to upgrade to ArcPad 10.2 in order to be able to check data in/out again?

    • Hannah Ferrier says:

      The ArcPad Data Manager Toolbar 10.0 is absolutely compatible with ArcGIS Desktop 10.2. Please make sure that you uninstall and re-install ArcPad when you upgrade your version of ArcGIS Desktop. This will ensure that your ArcPad Data Manager Toolbar is installed against the latest version of ArcGIS Desktop :)

  4. kara.tippett says:

    I uninstalled ArcPad version 10 and installed version 10.2. Now my custom applet that I created for 10.0 won’t work. Has this been encountered in beta or since the release?

    • marika says:

      There should be no problem using your custom applet from 10.0 in ArcPad 10.2. Please do contact Esri Technical Support to help figure out what is happening in your specific case.

  5. tomas.tichy says:

    Is the problem with ArcPad communication with GPS chip on Windows 8 already solved?

    • Hannah Ferrier says:

      Yes, ArcPad 10.2 will be able to use your location as determined by your Location Sensor for Windows 8 devices.
      In ArcPad, simply set your GPS Preferences to use the Location Sensor Protocol and the LOC1: Location Sensor Port.
      In my experience, a Location Sensor is great for navigating to known features – but an external GPS is still required for collecting the precise positions of new features. YMMV :)

  6. nitaajay says:

    When installing ArcPad 10.2 on the mobile device, did anyone have administrative rights issues? I was trying to install ArcPad 10.2 at work using my work machine, but I couldn’t install it on the mobile device, until I got administrative rights for the machine. I am using Windows 7 on my work computer. Please let me know.

    • marika says:

      Although the Deployment Manager is not specifically designed to require admin permissions, customers have reported that they are indeed needed for cab files to be deployed to devices through the tool.
      One option is to right-click on the ArcPad Deployment Manager via the Start menu and go to ‘Run as administrator’ to get around that issue and enter admin credentials.
      Alternatively, you can use File Explorer to browse to the cab file that you want to deploy (usually C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\ArcPad10.2\CABs\ArcPad Application.ARM.CAB) copy and paste it to the device and then double click on it (on the device).