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Developers started building custom apps using ArcGIS Online as soon as it was launched last year. In March, we released to bring all of the documentation, samples, APIs, and SDKs together in a single location. The March release also enabled developers to take advantage of OAuth 2.0 to develop apps that ArcGIS user organizations can log into.

Now we’re excited to announce a new set of subscription plans specifically geared toward the needs of developers.

Each developer plan is a fully functional instance of the ArcGIS Online platform. There is a free Development and Testing plan to get you started. This plan provides you with 50 credits per month that can be used to access any of our hosted services (mapping, geocoding, directions, cloud storage of feature services and tile services, analytics, data enrichment, etc.) This Development and Testing plan allows you to develop, test, and prototype your apps. When you’re ready to share your apps with others, simply upgrade to a paid subscription, starting as low as $20/month.

Who can I build apps for?

We support three basic patterns for developers:

  1. Developers building apps for their own organization
  2. Make the users in your organization more productive with apps tailored to their workflows. When your users sign in with their ArcGIS Online credentials, they can access their content through your app. You can leverage OAuth 2.0 to manage user logins, let users access their content and leverage platform services, and build apps that inherit the permissions of the user.

  3. Developers building apps for the ArcGIS community
  4. You can market and sell apps you build in the largest GIS user base in the world. Your apps can be configured to allow existing ArcGIS Online subscribers to securely access their own content. This provides low risk for you — existing ArcGIS subscribers can login with their ArcGIS Online credentials and use their service credits in your apps. And because you can use OAuth 2.0, it allows existing ArcGIS Online users to access their content inside your app without having to share their credentials with your app.

  5. Developers building apps for the community at large
  6. You can also build apps for users who don’t have an ArcGIS subscription (such as consumer-facing apps). Bring the capabilities of ArcGIS to your apps using secure, controlled access to Esri’s cloud services. You always own your data and you can use just one service, or dive deeper for more capabilities when you need them.

What does this mean?

It means you can build apps using ArcGIS content like basemaps, imagery, demographics, and live traffic maps. You can add layers from the community, and even integrate your own hosted tile and feature services. What’s more is you can develop apps using Esri services such as geocoding, drive times, and analysis as an individual on a monthly basis and you don’t pay until deployment.

Choose from Free and Paid Monthly Subscriptions

Screenshot of the developer pricing plans for ArcGIS OnlineThe free level of the plan allows you to use ArcGIS Online for development and testing until you’re ready to deploy your app. When you are ready to share your apps with others, simply upgrade your account to one of the new developer subscriptions starting at $20 per month. Not ready yet? You can continue development in ArcGIS Online for free for as long as you like (as long as you remain active) – no trial or sales calls, and no need to worry about when your time is up.

In addition to everything you can do with ArcGIS Online, we’ve begun to add more capabilities to the developer subscription, such as:

Feature Service Support

Want to quickly create a Feature Service? Now you can create empty feature services with one click. No need to wait and upload a CSV, just click “create feature service” and the service will be ready for you to add data to it later!

OAuth 2.0!

ArcGIS now supports OAuth so developers can build applications for organizations using ArcGIS Online. Developers can also expose ArcGIS Online functionality to users without ArcGIS logins and build consumer facing or B2B applications for wider audiences. Just create an app, register it, and it is assigned an App ID and App Secret.

App Statistics

Easily monitor the usage of your apps and services in the new Usage Summary dashboard.

Screenshot of the usage graph in the new Usage Summary dashboard

Upgraded Documentation!

Find new and improved documentation. We’ve overhauled most of Esri’s developer doc to make it easier and friendlier to use with hundreds of improved starter sample code sets to get your development kicked off right. Now that it’s all in one place, you can find what you need to build your app, right there where you need it!

Screenshot of the upgraded home for documentation and sample code

Example of a map made in ArcGIS Online

Haven’t seen ArcGIS Online yet?

Here are some things you can do:

  • Combine layers of data from various sources to make live, interactive maps you can share with anyone on any device.
  • Start from a variety of basemaps – including topographic, satellite imagery, OpenStreetMap, and even the ocean floor.
  • Plot addresses on your map (convert locations to addresses, too).
  • Find the optimal path through multiple stops. It’s more than point A to point B.
  • Build compelling story maps – check them out.
  • Upload and store your data in the cloud – Your data is your data. What you do in the cloud stays in the cloud.

Want to play around with Esri’s advanced mapping capabilities and see how it might work with your app? Give us a try at There’s more at, too! is a living system. We’ll be adding to it and improving it as time goes on. Though we’re always busy maintaining and building new ways to serve you, we try our hardest to read all of the feedback we receive. Our lines are always open! Feel free to send us feedback at

Have a question? Check out our FAQ, and email us at if something’s not clear. There’s also #esri on Let us know if you like it!

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