ArcGIS Online Configuration for Water Utilities & Water Utility Apps

We are pleased to announce some new additions to ArcGIS for Water Utilities – an ArcGIS Online organization subscription configuration and a series of lightweight app configurations for water, sewer and stormwater utilities.

Model ArcGIS Online Configuration for Water Utilities

Over the past year we’ve been working with water, sewer and stormwater utilities to learn how they are deploying ArcGIS Online, organizing their content, creating maps, managing hosted feature services and using it to serve the needs of their utility.  We’ve captured best practices from successful ArcGIS Online subscriptions and created a “model” ArcGIS Online Organization Configuration for Water Utilities.

Our model ArcGIS Online Organization Configuration for Water Utilities is essentially instructions you can follow to quickly configure an ArcGIS Online subscription for a water, sewer or stormwater utility.   Utilizing our configuration will significantly accelerate the task of setting up your ArcGIS Online subscription and make it immediately organized, familiar and useful to water utility staff.

Our model ArcGIS Online Configuration for Water Utilities includes:

  • Instructions to set up your landing page
  • Foundational groups to support organization of GIS content and services
  • Functional groups to facilitate sharing and collaboration among water utility departments and enable cross-departmental workflows
  • Instructions on authoring and sharing geographic content
  • Icons and a templates for making landing page banners and thumbnails

New Water Utility Apps Configurations

We’ve also recently created a series of new app configurations for water utilities.  These new app configurations are essentially recipes to configure the ArcGIS Platform to support water utility workflows (inspect a fire hydrant, notify stakeholders of a sewer overflow, etc.) or enable a capability (deploy a web map of your utility networks that can work on any device).  These new configurations leverage the sharing capabilities of your ArcGIS Online subscription.

The configurations we just released are:

What’s Next

Very shortly we’ll be releasing a second round of new ArcGIS for Water Utilities app configurations that include Capital Projects, Combined Sewer Overflow Notifications, Map Change Requests, Map Notes, Pavement Project Coordination, Manhole Inspections, Network Sketching, Social Sentiment Viewer, Sewer Network, Storm Network, and a Spanish version of the Drinking Water Advisory.  We’ll announce those releases on this blog.

We’d also like to point out that all of the apps we’ve built for water, sewer and stormwater are driven by our user community.  If you’d like to suggest an app or give us feedback on what we just rolled out feel free to email us at

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  1. milko_do says:

    Do you consider to deliver an Sewer Network CCTV Inspection application as well?

  2. Mike Miller says:

    In the next release of the Water Utilities Network Editing application(10.2), we are including a script that can help turn cctv data into points. This script will use the main id, the distance and the direction the camera was going and plot a point. You could use that result and publish to ArcGIS online to share the location of observations.

  3. woodybwp says:

    I am trying to better figure out how these “Water Utility Apps Configurations” are to be used?
    Curious that the main break response includes a relationship class (which I believe is the best approach) yet ArcGIS online does not support relationship classes? (
    I also don’t see how they are apps, they appear only to be sample data with some document about the fields and publishing as a service, which I did. Perhaps I am missing something. For instance in my opinion a Hydrant Inspection record should be stored in a hydrant inspection database that is linked or related to the hydrant, the seeming lack of support for this common many to one relationship is frustrating. One of the most attractive aspects I have seen for ESRI solutions like ArcGIS Online is the seamless support for other ESRI data, like enabling the publishing of an .mxd as a service that can be uploaded to AG Online. I can live with the something like the relationship not working out of the box, but lots of other aspects like the drop down domain lists and symbology do. I just need to know how I would go about putting that functionality back in. If this is intended to be a mobile solution than support for linking records to existing assets is key.