The Minuteman Viewer is now available

Minuteman ViewerThe Minuteman Viewer is now available for download from

The Minuteman Viewer is an ArcGIS Flex Viewer application that National Guard units can customize and host on their internal webservers.  It aggregates a number of useful basemap and operational data layers such as Natural Hazards and USGS Weather Alerts; additional layers can be added to support specific missions. Guard members can use the viewer to promote shared situational awareness and to coordinate the activities of first responders, military personnel, civilian agencies, and volunteers.

The viewer contains several standard ArcGIS Flex Viewer widgets such as Search, Draw, Print and Bookmark, as well as a number of custom widgets developed for first responders. These custom widgets include the WMS looping widget, Advanced Draw widget, National Grid widget, Elevation Profile widget, Bomb Threat widget, Full Screen widget, Routing widget, and Situational Awareness Geospatial Enterprise (SAGE) land and air tracks widget.  The Minuteman Viewer can be used as-is or modified to match mission requirements.

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  1. beth.kelly2 says:

    This is a potenial base platform for us. I’ll post back after I start using it.