Adding video formats to ArcCatalog for the Full Motion Video Add-In

The Full Motion Video Add-In allows you to play a variety of archived video file types and live video feeds in ArcMap. These are not standard GIS data formats, so ArcCatalog doesn’t recognize them by default.  In order to be able to browse to these files or feeds to add them for use in ArcMap, you need to add the file types to ArcCatalog.

To do this, open ArcCatalog, click Customize, and click ArcCatalog Options.

ArcCatalog Options

Click the File Types tab. On the File Types tab, click New Type.  In the File Type dialog box, type the file extension and description of the file type. Click OK, and then click Apply.

Add a file type

The file type is added and will now be visible in ArcCatalog.

Added file types

Here are some of the file types that you might add:

  • PS, MPEG-2 Program Stream
  • TS, MPEG-2 Transport Stream
  • MPG, MPEG File
  • MPEG, MPEG File
  • MP2, MPEG-2 File
  • MPG2, MPEG-2 File
  • MPEG2, MPEG-2 File
  • MP4, MPEG-4 File
  • MPG4, MPEG-4 File
  • MPEG4, MPEG-4 File
  • H264, H.264 Video File
  • VOB, ESD File
  • MT2S, MT2S File
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  1. timmo1982 says:

    Is there a way to add certain file types for other users automatically/via code?

    I’ve written a button using the PythonAddins module but it requires a *.gpx file as an input which aren’t visible by default. Since the purpose of the tool was to give easier access to ‘basic’ users GPS data*, requiring the extra step of them adding the *.gpx file type somewhat negates the ‘ease of use’ of the button. It would be great to be able to add this file type automatically so it was visible through ArcCatalog/ArcMap by default.

    * The only reason I needed to make this button is due to the ArcGIS GPS toolbar STILL not allowing GPS connections through USB which removes the capability of about 95% of GPS units made since the year 2000 or so :/

    • bbooth says:

      There are a couple of ways you might deal with this issue.
      1) It is possible to set a Geoprocessing script tool to take a file (like a GPX file) as input and recognize/filter for a specific file type. To do this:
      On the tool properties dialog box, click the Parameters tab.
      In the top box, click the parameter for the tool’s input file (the input type should be “File”).
      In the lower box, click in the Value column beside the Filter Item and set the filter type to “File”.
      Click the “browse” (…) button to the right of the File Filter item.
      In the File window type:
      then click OK.
      Click OK to close the properties.
      Now when you run the tool and click the browse button beside the Input file field it will only show you GPX file types.
      This doesn’t make them visible in the ArcCatalog tree, but it might be useful.
      2) If you want to use ArcObjects code, you can use IGxFileFilter. Custom GX file associations are stored in the ArcCatalog.gx file. You can use IGxFileFilter to add a new file association and then call Save on the GxCatalog to write a new ArcCatalog.gx file. See:

      I hope one of these options works for you.

  2. venkat_gisdeveloper says:

    can i get full motion video template for arcgis 10. provided link not showing any files to download for Arc GIS v10