ArcGIS Online admin tools available on GitHub

Your organization’s admin console provides a core set of tools that administrators can use to manage users, items, and groups.  These tools are well suited for the regular administrative tasks, but there is sometimes a need for enhanced functionality not provided by the core tools.

ArcGIS Online has a rich API that allows developers to create tools that perform functions not currently available through the admin framework, but not all admins are developers or are able to find the time to write tools.

Solution engineers at Esri often need to perform admin tasks that stretch or exceed the limits of the tools currently available.  For this reason several of my colleagues across Esri have developed useful web apps and python modules to help with administrative tasks, and we’ve enjoyed having access to these tools internally for a while.  These admin tasks include:

  • Copy content items (web maps, etc.) between two accounts in different ArcGIS Online organizations, or from an instance of Portal for ArcGIS to an ArcGIS Online organization (or vice versa)
  • Email all the members of a group
  • Generate a list of the names, usernames, and roles for all accounts
  • Change the default map extent for an organization

The popularity of these tools within Esri has motivated us to share them publicly. We figure that if we find these tools valuable (sometimes even indispensable), other ArcGIS Online admins will as well. So we’ve created the ArcGIS Online Administration wiki on GitHub.

This site is a publicly accessible collection of information for admins that includes links to the tools described above as well as other useful resources for administrators.  We hope you find this site useful and that you also share your tips and tricks with the community on this site; there is information about how to become a collaborator on the wiki home page.

Since solution engineers developed tools independently out of necessity the wiki currently links to several web apps that each have different functions.  Moving forward, we would like to consolidate these web apps into a single ArcGIS Online admin app that incorporates the functions of the several apps that are there today.  The code will be hosted on GitHub so that anyone can fork it and issue pull requests to improve the published tool and expand its capabilities.

Finally, please be aware that these tools are community-supported samples and are not official Esri products.  They can be very helpful, but please be sure to test them before using and understand that you might run into some issues or unexpected results.

Thanks to Shane Clark, Evan Caldwell, Scott Moore, Tom Swanson, and Phil Holleran for their work developing and collecting these tools.

(submitted by Owen Evans, Esri solution engineer)

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