Get ready—2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season is underway

The NOAA Climate Prediction Center is forecasting an active to extremely active season this year. In their 2013 Hurricane Outlook, NOAA states there is a “70 percent likelihood of 13 to 20 named storms” with “3 to 6 major hurricanes”. With Hurricane Sandy still fresh in our minds, we know the immense devastation a single storm can cause.

June 1st marks the official start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season.  The Esri Disaster Response Program learned a lot from the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma and we want to share some of our experience to help you better prepare this hurricane season:

  1. The Esri Disaster Response Program Request Assistance Page for Hurricanes and Cyclones. Use this form to get 24/7 tech support, software, data or technical assistance for Hurricane Response.
  2. The Hurricane Public Information Map includes the latest information to keep you up to date on current hurricanes. This map can be embedded in your own site by copying and pasting the HTML into your own web page. Simply click the “Link” button and use the HTML code provided in the “Copy/paste” box. This map features content produce by our Aggregated Live Feed Methodology and hurricane forecasts are automatically updated from the National Hurricane Center.
  3. Prepare your maps and apps and be ready to deploy
  • Get started with this live hurricane web map you can use to create your own web map in your ArcGIS Online Organization. Simply sign in and search outside your organization for “Hurricanes Live Feed Web Map”. Then you’ll have a dynamically updated map to mash up with your own data and area of interest. You can even share it with the Social Media Template like we use to create our Public Information Maps.
  • Are you ready to support a damage assessment? We have damage assessment tools and templates for ArcGIS Mobile and the ArcGIS Collector App for mobile phones. In addition we have partners that have vast experience designing, customizing, and implementing damage assessments on-site.
  • Bookmark the 2013 Hurricanes Map Gallery and join our group where we will highlight maps and apps related to hurricane activity. To highlight your map: be descriptive in your title and item properties, customize your thumbnail, and use tags that reference the time, location, and content in your map.

Stay tuned for more hurricane related resources and new features like Geoenrichment for planning, Operations Dashboard for monitoring live operations, and Perform Analysis tools all via ArcGIS Online. 

Update: We are featuring a new web mapping application from our Disaster Response website for Hurricanes & Cyclones. This application is based on the social media template and the user interface will respond appropriately to mobile and tablet browsers, as well as when the map is embedded in websites. We are also working on adding new feeds to the map to increase coverage for the entire globe, including the Tropical Storms Flossie and Gil for example. Please use this map and give us your feedback.

Hurricane Public Information Map on an iPad

Hurricane Public Information Map on an iPad

Contributed by Paul Doherty, Public Safety Technology Specialist

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  1. geo-elektrika says:

    There is no sourcing or other documentation for hurrican layer in the “live hurricane web map you can use to create your own web map”. Hey Esri, why don’t you document your own map services? Really. We need that when include services like this in local emergency response map apps. We need to know the source, authority, and reliability of information like this.