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  1. amuleh says:

    ArcGIS Full Motion Video v1.1 for 10.1 supports the video file types listed below. These file types must be manually added by the user using the following method: ArcCatalog >> Customize >> File Types >> New Type… Do this for all of the supported types: (PS, MPEG-2 Program Stream), (TS, MPEG-2 Transport Stream), (MPG, MPEG File), (MPEG, MPEG File), (MP2, MPEG-2 File), (MPG2, MPEG-2 File), (MPEG2, MPEG-2 File), (MP4, MPEG-4 File), (MPG4, MPEG-4 File), (MPEG4, MPEG-4 File), (H264, H.264 Video File), (VOB, ESD File), (MT2S, MT2S). See page 11 in the “Using The ArcGIS Full Motion Video Add In.pdf” document for more information. The document is included with the download.

  2. cinbakalathy says:

    In this api What kind of video Format supported and how to mapping the goecodded for Video and data.

  3. khalid_farooq says:

    There is no add-in
    How to get add-in v1.1