Community Maps 2.0 Contribution Method Gains Momentum

The Community Maps new contribution method (aka CM 2.0) is in full swing since its initial release last summer (2012).  Since this time, Esri’s Community Maps team has been working with many of our early adopters to get them converted from CM 1.0 (cache delivery) to CM 2.0 (vector delivery) contributors.  This reengagement campaign has been very successful, with a great majority of our early adopters registering through our online web application and submitting more contemporary data of their area.  This effort is hand-in-hand with our refresh of the World Topographic Map to the new cartographic design.  The design changed in late 2012 to a more subtle, reference-style map, providing a better canvas for overlaying operational data in web applications, printed maps and other kinds of output.

In spite of the enthusiastic response to CM 2.0, there are still some organizations that have not registered with our new online application and their current map is still in the old design.  If your map has roads that are red, this is in the old design!  We hope to hear from these organizations soon, because we need to keep the map updated for the larger GIS User community which means we may update your area to the new cartographic design with licensed commercial data until you submit new data through the program.  Our team has worked very hard to alert all previous contributors but please email us at if you have not been contacted about these changes!

When the CM 2.0 program opened its doors in 2012 the functionality was primarily a new way for contributors to apply to become a data steward for a particular geography and then upload GIS data through the web.  Think of these Apply and Upload steps as the first two parts of the grander vision for the CM 2.0 program.  The final two steps: Data & Map review and sign-off (also known as approval to contribute), will be available soon.  This illustration describes the four steps for contributing to the program, and this topic in our Online Help provides more explanation of each step in the process:

The next release of the community maps web application will allow contributors to directly manage their data submissions.  Contributors will use the Web Application to view the results of data quality control online and even download the quality results as a file geodatabase to view on their systems.  The contributor can also review their map cache through the Web Application and give their approval to deploy through the application.  Imagine this step as preview of the map before it is published live on ArcGIS Online.  Once a contributor has gone through this process, and their content is integrated into the basemaps in ArcGIS Online, they are now able to log back into the system and make new contributions.

Alert current CM 2.0 registrants!

Question: “How will this update to the application affect me?  I registered and submitted data to Esri already.”

Answer:  If you registered and submitted content through the application to date, we will continue to process your submission and build the basemap; however the data and map review process in the application will not be available until your next upload through the new web pages.

Question: “How will this update to the application affect me?  I registered already through the application but have not yet uploaded my data.”

Answer: “You can use the current functionality to upload your data. Or once the new web pages go live, you can log into the application to make your first contribution with the new functionality of data and map review.”

Stay tuned for more details on our Resource Pages and be sure to follow us on Twitter for more updates.

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